Megyn Kelly: “Roger Sexually Harassed Me Too” (Report)


The majority of high-profile hosts on the network have come out to support Ailes publicly, but Kelly stayed quiet about it since former host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her former boss earlier this month. 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Fox News, has launched an internal investigation into the situation.

 New York magazine reported Monday that Ailes has until August 1 to step down or be fired. Fox News did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

The story also says that Kelly detailed her harassment to the New York-based law firm conducting the outside review of Carlson’s claims.

Gabriel Sherman, who has a history of serious claims against Ailes, often using anonymous sources, reported the groundbreaking claim. On Monday when Shermanreported that Ailes was on his way out of Fox News, The Hill’s media guru Joe Concha said that the New York magazine reporter’s career is on the line because of his bold claims.



  1. I’ll believe it when I see Rog escorted out of the building, box of personal items in hand.

    You’ve gotta believe this guy has a lot of dirt on Rupert Murdoch, not to mention the assorted morons, dimwits and bright-but-nasties that masquerade as male anchors on the network. Maybe keeping on Rog’s good side is what spurred Cavuto to write that sycophantic op-ed support article.

    Doubt that the turmoil will help poor MSNBC. But CNN could continue its resurrection, especially if it snags Miss Megyn after her FOX contract expires.

    If, however, Ailes exits, who has the pedigree to possibly replace him. Hopefully Murdoch and Son have already done some succession planning as, at an old-looking 76, Roger has long looked ready to join the choir immortal.

    In my perfect world, a new FOX boss would further demote Hannity (maybe to host Red Eye) and, if Megyn stays, have her show followed by Trish Regan, a talented, optimistic real journalist who, as a brunette, would also offset the barrage of platinum blondes on the network.

  2. He will walk away with millions of dollars, his law firm will make sure of that. He got away with a lot of crap in the last fifty years, sound familiar? I think he and Cosby will both be gone in five years time, no jail time just death. Cosby is blind and isolated and Ailes is obese and pathetic.

  3. Wasnt it just a few months ago that Kelly was telling people what a great guy Ailes was and how he did wonders for her career? Sounds like a media gold digger to me. Ailes isn’t a choirboy but probably isn’t much worse (and maybe better) than people in his circle like Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby etal.

  4. Oh goodie, Rocker Rich. Hannity will host “Red Eye,” while Megyn Kelly will host “red blood gushing from wherever,” says the Donald ! LOL


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