RIP Bert Gordon, ex-CFOX, CFMI, CKNW


Dave Chesney posted the sad news on his Facebook page this morning .. that his Vancouver radio buddy from 30+ years ago, Bert Gordon had passed away in Manitoba.   He would have celebrated his 71st birthday in two weeks.

The Vancouver Broadcasters website reminds us that Bert worked at CFOX in the early 80’s, then CFMI about 1983.  Bert was heard weekends, then all-nights at CKNW.  In the late 1980’s he was heard on STAR-FM Chilliwack. Later on, about 2000, Bert was the morning host at CFST Winnipeg.

Chesney posts that he passed away peacefully this morning at 6:42 a.m. At his request there will be no service and his ashes will be placed in the Fowell family plot at the Minnewawa Cemetery near Nesbitt Manitoba where he grew up.

He was forever thankful that he was adopted by the Fowells (Gordon & Verda) in Nesbitt Manitoba as a young boy and had a wonderful life growing up on the farm. The family will be writing a story soon that best describes his life adventures to be published in the Brandon Sun and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Chesney remembers that he and Bert were part of the C-FOX ‘Oilers.’   That will mean something I’m sure to The Fox listeners from that era.

Brockie-Donovan (Brandon) is in charge of interment arrangements.

Herbert (Bert) John Fowell July 27, 1945 – July 13, 2016




  1. Sorry to hear of Bert’s passing. I remember Bert taking extra time at Star-FM (original in Chilliwack) to teach me some productions basics.

    His voice still stands out as smooth and convincing. We’ve lost a great radio man. A true class act.


  2. A ‘true blue’ radio guy and a great teammate. Lots of fun to work with. Bert always had a positive attitude and that helped him through some tough medical issues in later years. We’ll miss him.

  3. I will always remember going into the control room one day in the 80’s when Burt was on the air, he had turntable # 1 on the air and a memo from the “memo board” fell off from the draft that was created from the door opening. The memo board was next to the door and # 1 turntable was right below it. Well fuck, if the memo didn’t land right on that table, we both looked at each other and thought what now. The LP didn’t skip a bit and should have been a total disaster. this went on for 10 or 15 seconds and finally I reached down and got the memo of, still no skip We both looked at each and said Wow that was close.
    Sorry we fell out of touch over the years,

  4. I was just starting my career at CHUM Winnipeg, when I had the privilege to work with Bert, he was a legend, but you would never know it because he was so humble about it. His love for our medium was unparalleled. I’ll never forget the time he was in the hospital, and came back to do his morning show (1290 Starlight CFST) with the IV still attached, and a cigar in his mouth. They don’t make them like that anymore, and that makes me sad. All the stories he shared with us youngling’s made us howl. Like his listeners, we hung on every word. RIP Commissioner.


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