Ending data caps, Hello, CRTC!


We can finally put an end to data caps — but will the CRTC listen?


By David Christopher
Digital Freedom Update | JULY 1, 2016


“You have used 100% of your monthly data allocation. Additional charges will apply” — there’s probably not an Internet user out there who hasn’t grimaced upon receiving a message like this from their telecom provider. Sadly, mean-spirited data caps, accompanied by extortionate overage fees, have long been one of the most reviled features of our broken telecom market.

But there’s good news: the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) recently announced a public consultation that represents the best chance in decades to finally give Canadians relief from oppressive data caps.

The consultation was sparked by concerns that some large telecom providers are unfairly privileging certain apps and services over others — for example, by enabling a customer to use one streaming service without it counting against their data cap, while charging steep data fees if that customer prefers to stream from an alternative service.

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