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Fired by CBC, Evan Solomon to Host CTV’s Question Period


Evan Solomon

courtesy The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, June 21, 2016

OTTAWA – Evan Solomon will soon be the new host of CTV’s Sunday morning political affairs program “Question Period.”

CTV News says the political journalist will take on the role at the beginning of the program’s 46th season in September.

He’ll replace the Globe and Mail’s Ottawa bureau chief Robert Fife, who will step down as host following the final broadcast of the current season on July 3.

CTV says Fife will continue to appear on “Question Period.”

Currently, Solomon is the national affairs specialist for Bell Media Radio’s news/talk stations, and host and executive producer of 580 News Talk Radio’s program “Ottawa Now.”

Solomon was formerly with the CBC, which cut ties with him last summer.



  1. A wise move by CTV. It was folly for the CBC execs–discombulater by the Jian Ghomeshi scandal–to terminate Evan for being the middleman involving art dealers and well-heeled politicos that he sometimes dealt with as a journalist. A reprimand and short suspension would have sufficed for punishment.

    For a onetime arts reporter, Solomon proved an incisive political commentator on tv (Power & Politics) and radio (The House). While Terry Milewski has maintained the high quality of The House, I think Power & Politics has lost some of its edge with Rosemary Barton.

    Again, in my opinion, a needless kneejerk dispatch of a great asset by Mother Corp.

  2. I was following Mr. SALOMON for long ,long time and I will never forget the incredible interview that he had with Henry Kissinger At the Pinaculo of the conservative power in the world and EVAN, young, very young, incredible well inform, all facts and the courage that maybe his age gave him, master the interview and it was a moment that Kissimger couldn’t answer , he never ever guessed how brilliant EVAN SALOMON was and of course is.
    I couldn’t belive at the beguining that he was fired but then why not, CBC is not the progressive voice that once was, Harper took of it and unfortunately the board of directors hasn’t been changed,
    My surprise was when Rosmarie Barton took the place of EVAN which they worked together
    I didn’t realized that she was conservative to the core(privately she can be whoever she wants but she has to be ( for me) less biased.
    At this moment, and I imagine because the money that the government gave to CBC she had to be a little more objective,, she owns that to the public.
    I understand that although our government is the most progeessive that I have seen in years, the media is not, and I hope that Evan will. Not change what for years I admire,his desire of given to the public honest, factual and on the possible objective information.
    Welcome and good luck Mr. Evan SALOMON.
    Thank you,
    Cristina Ordeig.


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