Roundhouse Radio Roundup – Changes in the Team, Plus looking for new Sales Rep!



Tracey Friesen


In conversation with Roundhouse Radio CEO Don Shafer, he informed us PD Tracey Friesen and the station have parted ways. We understand Tracey has written a new book called Story, Money, Impact which has just been published.

Don added, “she’s a terrific person and good friend and I’m delighted that we were able to work together during the startup phase of the station. She is pretty remarkable and will be missed. We are simply having to make some changes in the team to take us to the next level.”

And with those changes, Roundhouse Radio is on the look for a new Sales rep

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  1. Their sales manager was shown the door last week too. Apparently it is a real mess at that station, with little revenue on the books, and even fewer listeners. They have a large sales team, although there was a mass exodus of experienced sales people from the station a few months ago. I believe it is comprised mainly of BCIT interns and one seasoned rep whose business is protected. A tough, tough gig by the sounds of it.

  2. Wow. One of the most painful radio stations I’ve ever heard. Who is running the ship over there?Clearly they have no idea what they are doing. Sad. They had a great opportunity to do something different when they went on the air. Seems they are failing miserably. No direction, content in mundane and boring at best, and the hosts have no idea how to engage their audience. Hope they fix it. Otherwise another station off the air in 6 months.

  3. Just a little harsh there Ben but agree on many points. I have tried to listen to Roundhouse a few times only to switch it off due to the dull dull content. I appreciate what they are trying to do and as I have posted before it can’t be easy or cheap.

    I am happy to report however, like you asked in the first place, that I have found a show that I enjoy and am listening more and more to and that is the afternoon show with Janice and Corey. In my opinion this is the sound and direction the entire station should strive for.

    They are having some “fun”, aren’t always deathly serious , the content is lighter, also informative AND they are throwing in some music. Great to hear.

    Other day parts I find , for the most part, absolutely mind numbing dull. Waaaay too serious. I realize trying to do local talk is one huge challenge but a thirty minute conversation about some community group or festival or app someone has come up with makes for real boring radio.

    I find mornings almost unlistenable , including the KP Show and what follows Sense Of Place and the Mid- Morning Show. Seasoned broadcasters who sound professional for sure but dull, OMG. Lighten it up folks!

    Kudos to Janice and Corey , also to Live At Railtown, when I catch it , which is very rare also the blues show etc.

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