Seattle Radio man Jack Morton dies



Our friend Feliks Banel of Northwest Hall of Radio History tells us long time Seattle radio man Jack Morton has died. Feliks shares this cool aircheck…



Pic of the late Kevin O’Brien aka Methany and the late Jack Morton

Jason Remington of notes that Jack was on the air at KVI570 with many talented broadcasters, including Bob Hardwick  Later in his career, long after KVI had dropped the MOR format, Morton returned to radio on KIXI, with a playlist similar to the old KVI standards. Morton’s career started at KMO Tacoma and he also did a stint at KOL during a shuffling of the KVI staff.

He is definitely remembered fondly as a talented broadcaster from a golden era that is sorely missed.  Rest easy, Jack.




  1. I spent more than 20 years in broadcasting which also included my years at KOMO (1980-1992). Growing up listening to Bob Hardwick, Buddy Weber and Jack Morton on KVI was the single biggest reason I got into the business. I later became casual friends with Bob and Jack. To say that Jack was part of the golden age of radio is an incredible understatement. I’ll miss you, Jack.

  2. We have lost a true talent and a singular personality. Jack’s sense of humor was infectious, although he’d probably say something like “yes, and there’s a cream for that infection.” Who else could be identified by a single word “yesss”. As a fledgling radio kid back in the 70s I would listen to Jack on KVI. I marveled at how much fun he was having despite his supposed lack of technical skill, or perhaps because of it. Jack “The Super Commuter” made afternoons something to look forward to. Jack Morton was one of the reasons I continued in radio and I was fortunate to work with him and learn from him at KVI. More than 20 years later we were fortunate to be able to bring Jack back on KIXI for a couple of years. He enjoyed his time on KIXI and we were far the richer for his presence. Personally I was privileged to call Jack a friend, and I will miss him dearly.

  3. I worked with Jack, for 5 yrs. ’74 – ’79. He was easily the best radio entertainer I ever heard….& became a dear friend as well. RIP.


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