Millennials’ Use of Radio Varies as They Move Through Life Stages


    courtesy          May 25, 2016 at 12:54 PM (PT)
  • Dependent Adult Millennials, who tend to live at home with their parents or another adult, listen to more Classic Rock, Classic Hits and Urban Adult Contemporary than the overall Millennial group. According to the recent TOTAL AUDIENCE REPORT, Dependent Adult Millennials listen to these formats because they’re exposed to them by older adults in the home.On Their Own Millennials are the least ethnically diverse group and show a preference for non-ethnic formats like Hot AC and Alternative. They also listen to sports stations more than the other two Millennial groups.
  • On average, radio reaches 97% of all HISPANICS each week. Starting a Family Millennials include the highest percent of HISPANIC and SPANISH-speaking listeners. In this group, MEXICAN Regional has the third-highest share of listening time. Overall, 16% of this group’s listening is spent tuned in to SPANISH-language formats – more than triple the amount of On Their Own Millennials. Comparatively, radio reaches 90% of all AFRICAN-AMERICANS 18-34 each week. Urban AC is the top format among this group.With 265 million AMERICANS six and older listening to the radio each week, the medium reaches more people each week than any other platform. Despite the proliferation, many advertisers perceive Millennials as unreachable by radio because of the abundance of media options available to them.The reality, however, is that Millennials account for 66.5 million radio users each week. And no matter which life stage Millennials are in, nine out of 10 listen to radio weekly. That’s where ungrouping them can help advertisers, agencies and radio stations understand each group more closely so they can develop meaningful radio advertising that appeals to this large and varied group of young consumers.

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