Fort McMurray Fire and the Uranium Connection!


Jim Goddard talks with Michael Rivero of What Really with this first short clip about the Fort McMurray Fire and the Uranium Factor!

Rivero also talks about the possibility of ‘them’ taking Trump out before the GOP convention!!!


Michael Rivero

Michael Rivero, born 29th August 1952, raised in New England farming country. Originally a child actor, Michael left film work after High School to follow a career in science, working for NASA on the Viking and Voyager projects, among others. Following the post-Apollo crash of the aerospace industry, Michael went back into film work arriving at the exact time Hollywood was beginning to employ more computers for visual effects; a classic case of being in the right place art the right time, with the right skills. Michael lives in Hawaii with his wife Claire, a composer, where together they own a commercial production company specializing in music, Visual FX and supervision, commercial direction, industrial films, and computer animation.

Michael Rivero is also featured on Republic Broadcasting Network; he previously featured on GCN and the Alex Jones Show.





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