Edmonton Radio GM Patrick Cardinal Dead of Cancer at 54


courtesy  Broadcaster Magazine    April 20, 2016

Bell Media extends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Bell Media Radio Edmonton General Manager Patrick (Pat) Cardinal. Cardinal passed away last night in Vancouver at the age of 54 after a two-year battle with cancer.

“Pat loved radio, an industry to which he dedicated his entire career and worked tirelessly to shape and grow, earning the deep respect and admiration of his industry colleagues and peers,” said Stewart Meyers, Vice-President, Bell Media Radio Alberta. “Pat’s creativity and vision have had a profound and positive impact on the stations and staff of Bell Media Radio Edmonton, as well as the numerous people and lives he touched across Canadian radio operations. Pat was a unique character and a ferocious competitor, yet one who always paused to enjoy a laugh. We are deeply saddened by this loss. He will be sorely missed.”

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Cardinal began his radio career in 1979 at CJRL Radio in Kenora, ONT., before heading back westward to Winnipeg in 1981, where he spent six years with CFRW. He continued to zig-zag the country, with stints in Vancouver, Hamilton, ONT., Edmonton, and Toronto before heading west once again to Vancouver. In 2003, Cardinal was back in Toronto in the role of Station Manager for CISS-FM/CJAQ-FM. In 2006, he worked as Operations Manager for Newcap Radio Group Edmonton until 2008, followed by a role as Program Manager for Newcap Alberta. In 2012, Cardinal was named General Manager for Astral Radio’s Edmonton stations (later acquired by Bell Media) including 100.3 The Bear, 104.9 VIRGIN RADIO, and TSN 1260.

Capping off what was a tremendous career, Cardinal will be posthumously inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame during Canadian Music Week in May


  1. Every time we lose a media colleague I think of the Righteous Brothers Rock and Roll Heaven song and think heavens getting another good one for the radio lounge….sad to lose Patrick Cardinal and hope he checks in with the greats we’ve lost allready…like Dad, Fred Latramoulle, Gary Russell, Bruce Davidson…and on and on…
    Pat ‘loved’ radio. Radio ‘loved’ Pat

  2. Heavy, heavy, heart and numb. Pat Cardinal has moved up to heaven.
    Pat and I have known each other and have been friends since our mid-20’s. He was a fighter then and a fighter now. He is just in a different place and being the courageous Pat that we know and love. He was a GIANT through all of this and an inspiration to all in his battle, and well before that. He was fun, funny, smart, passionate, mischievous-:), talented, fearless, and kept his sense of humour right to the end. As we all know, he loved his son Kael so much, and cared big for his friends and family and was fiercely loyal to them. He was a consummate radio man.
    His spirit was indefatigable right to the end and I admired and loved him. His pain is gone and he is off in peace to rest and then I am sure will be launching some kind of uber successful radio station in the skies and having what he would call a “shindig” with all of our radio buddies up there in rock and roll heaven.
    A conference call was set up for this past Monday by Warren Copnick, and 20+ of us “Patty friends” were on the line. He was happy and surprised by this and wondered what the f*&* was going on (as you could hear Patty say it-:). On that call Pat was told that this coming May in Toronto he was going into the Canadian Music Week Radio Hall of Fame. Needless to say it was highly emotional moment and Pat was so astonished and grateful. He did though, while in serious pain and hooked up to a number of contraptions and close to his passing muster up the energy to quip “I now have to figure out how to get to Toronto” which got a big laugh out of all of us. A call and a piece of video we will never forget.
    Warren, Julie, Steve and David and whomever else put together that wonderful send off this past Monday, from the bottom of this heart, and everyone’s heart, thank you for your kindness
    From me and my sons Geordan and Jay, sincere condolences to Kael, Jeff and all other members of the Cardinal family. Sleep well Patty, and in time we will all meet again and pick up where we left off, which is what all good friends do. Till then brother

  3. I always craved his approval, attention, and knowledge. After all, he was the one that after my couple year move to the label side of the biz, that brought me back into radio at Q107 in the summer of ’97 as his Assistant. We had a few bumps along the way and held our cards closer than we probably should have out of fear and resentments. No matter, when I heard of his terminal illness (pancreatic cancer) more than 2 years ago, I was stopped in my tracks, realizing no matter your relationship with someone – you don’t wish such a thing on anyone and you pray in your own way, that somehow they can overcome. He fought with great courage and heart and thankfully had solid friends and family near. I didn’t have the courage to reach out but I thought about him most days and wished he were around to receive a copy – featuring my thanks to him for hiring me, of my forthcoming book. More than any (to me) this photo (below) captures his vulnerability and goodness. RIP Pat Patrick Cardinal
    Patrick Cardinal

  4. Bravery in the face of adversity. Patty Boy, (I think that name surfaced and stuck during one of our management retreats in Jasper) programmed Power 92 in Edmonton for several years under Western International Communications. We moved Patty Boy to Toronto to program Q107. Patty and I made several trips to New York to conclude an agreement to introduce Howard Stern to southern Ontario. This was one of many major moves Patty instigated during an amazing radio career. Even though Patty worked in several different musical formats (and 630CHED when we launched it in December of 1993) I always believed CHR was his first love and biggest passion. Patty went on to assume General Manager duties for Bell in Edmonton, a testament to a remarkable group of professionals to come out of Corus Radio Edmonton. Other General Managers to come out of Corus Edmonton are James Stuart (now with Bell in Vancouver), Tamara Konrad with Harvard Edmonton, Neil Cunningham with Newcap Edmonton and of course, Patty. Patty and I spoke of his cancer battle many times. In typical Cardinal fashion, he was forthright and honest and never shied away from the reality of the circumstances of this horrible disease. I remain equally in awe of his remarkable programming skills, his leadership qualities and the mark he left on so many broadcasters over the years. His induction into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame personifies his contribution to our industry. Patty has been in my personal Hall of Fame for many years. Rest comfortably my friend … I and so many others will miss you.

  5. I’m deeply saddened by the passing overnight of my good friend Pat Cardinal. Like many many of his friends I had the chance to spend time with Pat this past year in Vancouver. Pat was a “guys guy” – loved driving his car, being on the golf course, sharing a laugh. Loved his friends and family and of course his son Kael. And Pat loved our business. In my last visits to Pat at VGH he would get me to pull up a chair and say “ok so tell me what’s going on at your stations, what’s the latest at your company.. and so on” He simply loved it and would always have a twinkle in his eye talking about that stuff. On Monday, when Pat was told he is going in to the Broadcast Hall of Fame you could tell that it meant the world to him. That was amazing. Hearing this news this morning ..like so many things in life you know it is coming but are dumbfounded when it actually does. Miss you my friend…

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