New kid on the block 107.7 Pulse FM makes the news




107.7 Pulse FM is Here
And everyone is taking notice.

Dear Friends, Family & Fans,

Just like the area it represents, 107.7 Pulse FM is diverse and distinct. We recognized South Fraser was under represented. The communities in this region needed a radio station whose music program catered to them, on a platform where they could also hear local news and views.

We’re proud to be the South Fraser region’s radio station, bringing you well known and loved announcers like Terry Reid, Leah Holiove and offering influential programs like The Kash Heed Show.

For the past two months, Kash Heed has been sitting down and talking with key figures in the South Fraser region.  It’s been an impressive guest list including Rona Ambrose, Doug Elford, Lois E Jackson and Assistant Commissioner Bill Fordy.

He’s been covering important local issues including transportation, tolls, and the rising numbers of shootings taking place in Surrey.  Because of The Kash Heed Show, Pulse FM has made its mark not only in the South Fraser region but nationwide.

Kash Heed before Global TV Camera


Just this week, The Province picked up our news story & gave us credit. We also received national coverage when Global TV news noon, evening and their BC 1 channel aired Pulse FM’s talk anchor Kash Heed talking about the content we had aired and posted on our website

Check it out:

The Province:

Global News:

We want to say thank you for your support.
Your Pulse FM Team







  1. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the daytime segments but Pulse has a great music lineup that I sometimes tune into on the drive home. I can pick up the station from around Kensington on the freeway eastbound.

  2. A big thank you for all the compliments for our little band of radio bandits at 107.7 Pulse FM. We have a super lineup of vets and young broadcasters, and quite frankly, I haven’t felt an internal buzz about a radio station for many years.
    And some of you know, I have been around the block in my 37 years of this insane business.

    Alex, yes we are still working on TX issues.

    Jack Marion does AM news. Kash of course, the anchor talk show, I do PM Drive News with Neil Morrison yapping away in the afternoon.

    Our fearless leader is the always amazing Kath Thompson. “We are mavericks”…..

    You can always get us through:



    We’re in Sullivan Plaza, Hwy 10 and 152nd Street u South Surrey near the Cloverdale border.

  3. Re: reception … I’m no expert but I believe the station is operating at 2500 W, so 1/20th that of a full-power station such as ‘NW. It really is hyper-local-casting. I think it’s a terrific business model. The advertising seems to fit that same description.

  4. Thanks for the update Don, when can we expect full signal strength?
    Other than that I love the format, keep up the great work, it’s great to have a local station.

  5. Alex, Similar to Roundhouse, we have 2.5K so we are touching up the dead spots. I wish we had a 100K blowtorch but all those freq’s are long gone…lol. Our focus is “South of the Fraser” so the prime is Surrey, White Rock, Delta, Langley, Aldergrove and Abby. The signal dies at Lickman Road in the Wack where we clash with the Kiss repeater at 107.5.

    Thank you so much for the kind words. We are very active on social media with our web live streaming, Facebook and Twitter.

  6. Station is awesome. Signal is weak into the Tynehead area of Surrey and communities hugging the Fraser River heading East. But man, this is so much better than corporate whore radio! Keep up the great work. Music is cool too!

  7. Better than corporate radio indeed. Signal pretty good here in parts of the Tri-cities. Haven’t tried for Port Moody yet.


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