Lady ends relationship with Vancouver by Martin Strong



Roundhouse Radio’s Martin Strong


Martin Strong of Roundhouse Radio interview with the lady who wrote the viral blog about how she is  ‘breaking up” with Vancouver and moving to Halifax.

Her Province blog HERE



  1. I pretty much agree with everything Ms. Fox says about Vancouver. It’s a cold, unaffordable, overly expensive, unfeeling city and I have lived in four Canadian provinces, so I know.

    The Okanagan, unfortunately, where I have lived for 20 years, is sadly, becoming another Vancouver, with its horrible traffic jams, the mostly minimum wage jobs, the horrible dating scene and so on.

    Ironically, many Vancouver people are moving here, almost like moving from the frying pan into the proverbial fire ? LOL

    In Kelowna and, even in West Kelowna, you are very lucky to get a friendly hello out of anyone. You can see the ruthlessness of the Okanagan people in the local traffic flows. Every day, someone dies or gets seriously injured in a car accident and the local roads frankly, have become more dangerous that Vancouver. The main reason is that the roads are poorly built and planned, the legacy of Walter Grey and previous politicians like him. The bridge between Kelowna and West Kelowna is already maxed out and was poorly made – a five lane bridge was too small to begin with.

    The average cost of a home here is approaching $ 500,000, as real estate agents are mostly scumbags looking to cash in on anyone coming to Kelowna with their capital gain money from Vancouver or Calgary.

    That means an unusually high amount of renters rent, here, hoping to save up to buy a home, but they are wasting their time! Unless you make $19.00 bucks a hour, you cannot afford to buy a home, here.

    There are benefits to living in the Okanagan. The sunny, dryer weather beats the hell out of Vancouver and the water is cleaner – but not as clean as 10 years ago.

    People are cliquier here. It takes time to develop business contacts. You should only move here if you are here for the long haul. Brings bags of cash and money, you are gonna need it !

  2. Pennypinchingcon, Real estate agents arent scumbags, they have a license and are just trying to make a living. You dont like everything, why dont you just move to ‘Shangra’La’, they are waiting for you, please move. What do you think is a high number of renters in your community? I think 33%-49% is a reasonable figure. Not everyone will or should own property in their lifetime. It is not a right to own property. For every person leaving Vancouver, there is probably two people waiting to take their turn moving here.

  3. Yes they are, Rob. In this part of the world, they have a terrible reputation.

    Go and ask anyone who lives here ! I have had dealings with a few of them and one – a well known female agent who likes to rent billboards on the side of the highway, actually owes me money.

    By the way, I have lived in B.C. nearly 50 years and was born here, so kind of odd to tell me to move on ?

    Regarding people “destined to rent,” good grief, who is being negative, now !

    That is a cheesy, stereotypical thing to say. Let me guess, you must be a real estate agent yourself !

  4. I assume you mean realtors who represent sellers. I assume you feel that those realtors should not seek out the highest selling price for their clients. I assume any realtor whose client sells to someone from Vancouver is a scumbag, even if the realtor recommends a different offer e.g. from someone not from Vancouver.

    You tell Rob that because you “have lived in B.C. nearly 50 years and was born here, (it’s) kind of odd to tell (you) to move on.” You’re the one who posted the uncomplimentary comments about Kelowna and the ruthlessness of Okanagan drivers, and dangerous roads. Seems clear, you don’t like it there, so, assuming you have the resources (hint: find a scumbag realtor who will sell your home to someone from Vancouver), it makes absolute logical sense to move on

  5. So Wayne: My comments about real estate agents and the Okanagan are not criticisms, but merely observations. Much like the woman (Ms. Fox) who voiced similar observations about YVR.

    Shangra la it is NOT ! I’ve been here 20 years, so I don’t need to move on, but you can move first, especially those of you with the “real estate licence.”

    Careful about surpressing the darker side of Vancouver. The real truth about Vancouver has been made abundantly clear in Ms. Fox’s article and some of you can’t handle it !

  6. Not a pennypinching

    So, if I called you a scumbag, I’d be merely making an observation and not a criticism. If I said that roads were dangerous and drivers were ruthless, I’m not criticizing, just observing, because overall “I still like it here. That’s why I’m not moving.” That must means scumbag realtors, ruthless drivers and dangerous roads really aren’t a big deal to you, and that’s why you’re staying, in which case, I’m wondering why you made these “observations” about your city to begin with

  7. Well pennypinching con … get off your ass and do something about! Get involved in the local political scene, and quit complaining.

  8. Smug, self-righteous Wayne: Where ever you live, anywhere, you do make tradeoffs and eat s**t to your personal goals. Vancouverites must do it everyday, and, so do Okanagans. Life is a series of tradeoffs and as I mentioned, there is no shagra-la.

    However, it is much better to live in the Okanagan than Vancouver, in spite of the apparent emulation of Vancouver and the lack of amenities and infostructure in the Okanagan.

    The issues with Vancouver have made living there, frankly, much more intolerable than any other part of B.C or Canada. You and others are quite free to continue to live in your shit hole, and I will dwell where ever I choose to live.

    The problems with Vancouver go way beyond what is mentioned in Jennifer Fox’s article. She never really discussed Vancouver’s other “boiling over” issues, such as the big city crime rates, gangsterism, the out and out racism against Chinese and vice versa, the overdependance on materialism among females.

    Th e issues with real estate agents are just the tip of the iceberg, as far as I’m concerned.

    I am very politically active, pass the buck Charles, more so that you can ever imagine ! But instead of commenting on Ms Fox’s article, you have chosen to go after me ?

    How Vancouver like ! Anyhow, continue to live in your shit hole…

  9. Not a pennypinching

    How am I smug and self-righteous? All I did was take words you wrote and interpreted them. I questioned your understanding of the words “observation” and “criticism”. Not once did I suggest Vancouver was a better or worse place than the Okanagan. Not once did I suggest Vancouver doesn’t have problems – large and small. Not once did I suggest Ms Fox’s column was off the mark. I was merely questioning the logic of the words you chose to write and publish. Perhaps the reason I didn’t go after Ms Fox’s column was because I understood her frustrations and they were written in a more coherent, logical, and adult manner.

    Yes, you choose to live in a city where “you are very lucky to get a friendly hello out of anyone. (Where) you can see the ruthlessness of the Okanagan people in the local traffic flows. Every day, someone dies or gets seriously injured in a car accident and the local roads frankly, have become more dangerous that Vancouver. The… roads are poorly built and planned. The bridge between Kelowna and West Kelowna is already maxed out and was poorly made – a five lane bridge was too small to begin with.” It just seemed so illogical that someone would go to such lengths to say these things about their city, and expect others to see this as reasons for NOT moving elsewhere

  10. Oh, smug, proper, self-righteous ( and now, logical) Wayne ! LOL So, you are governed by coherency, logic, and adult behaviour.


    May I burst out in laughter, now, or later buwahahahahahahahahahahaha !

    Like the television commercial speaking about life insurance and poor little Patrick bragging to his father.

    Patrick: HEY DAD, I got life insurance !

    Dad: GOOD FOR YOU, son !

    So, again, good for you, Wayne.

    Why do I have to intellectualize that I hate Vancouver.

    Sheesh !

  11. but but but……..what about the mountains? They are beautiful ?

    I do agree with that comment, BLT. That they are !

  12. All the foreign money being used to buy and build real estate has hurt Vancouver. Its such a great location that overseas buyers are swamping the market to the detriment of locals. I live in Victoria and the same is happening here as well. The minute a home goes on the market, a bunch of foreign investors are posting bids and the house is gone within days. There is no hope for a middle income wage earner to buy a home on the south coast of B.C.

  13. Not a pennypinching con

    Why dont you do us a favour and move away! You are one unhappy cat, I hope you dont have kids and your complex. I love real estate agents, they make me money and look after my best interests. You probably hate the provincial government and everything they do for you. It must be painful being a have not at your age. As soon as you pass on, hopefully two happy people will move here to take your place. At least the woman who left Vancouver is honest on her way out, you are just miserable.


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