Frank Stanford, Clive Jackson to Receive RTNDA Lifetime Awards for BC


Today’s Broadcast Dialogue has alerted us to the RTNDA’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners for BC.

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Clive Jackson

Clive Jackson, Global BC (retired) joined BCTV (now Global BC) in 1980 as a reporter. He became the assignment editor in 1990. From then until his retirement at mid-2015, Jackson set the agenda for the news on Global BC, BC1 and He was the BCAB’s Broadcaster of the Year in 2015.

Frank Stanford



Frank Stanford, C-FAX 1070 Victoria, a 44-year radio news veteran who’s been in place at C-FAX for 30 of those years, serving as a beat reporter, morning news anchor, news director, talk show host and as a mentor to generations of young broadcasters.

The RTNDA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding service and continued excellence during the course of their career in broadcast journalism..


  1. I worked with Frank at CJVI in the early 80’s in Victoria and Murray Wood was one of the Prairie winners as well.. I worked with him at Z99/CJME and 66CFR.

    Clive was always someone to pay attention to when he spoke at RTNDA round tables ( which don’t exist now, sadly)


  2. Frank’s got one of the great basso voices in Canadian broadcasting. If this country had any sort of syndicated radio industry, he’d be a natural to voice intros a la Ross Mitchell (formerly of Coast to Coast and now Red Eye fame).

    A well deserved honour.

  3. I have had the pleasure, in my time, to work with both of these great journalists, each one of a kind, each pushed the limits, each always looking for ” the story”, then after- what is beyond the story, and that’s what it is all about.
    Congratulations Frank and Clive


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