Vista Launches Juice in Grand Forks, BC



Thursday March the 10th, 2016

Today at 1 pm PST, Vista Radio launched the first FM radio station in Grand Forks, BC called 102.3 Juice FM! CKGF-FM has translators in Christina Lake at 93.3 FM, Greenwood at 96.7 FM and Rock Creek at 103.7 FM.

Derek McDonough

102.3 Juice FM will play Grand Forks and the Boundary’s Biggest Variety and will feature a morning show hosted by Derek McDonough.



Listen to Today’s Launch

You can also check out the Juice website @ and listen live.





  1. Congrats on the new station!!
    Lovin it!!!
    We are listening in Greenwood, still have the dial set to 96.7 from the goat but getting Juice, 102.3 is dead air. Will it be changing or just keep it dialled into 96.7 ??
    The Reception is AWESOME, better than ever before!!
    Curtis & Ginny

  2. You will continue to enjoy Juice FM on 96.7. 102.3 is the home frequency in Grand Forks and doesn’t carry everywhere. Your kind words about the station are much appreciated, glad you are enjoying it! — Rob Alexander, Regional Cluster Program Director for Vista BC South


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