Most influential women: Jill Krop

Jill Krop (Image by: Tanya Goehring)


By Marcie Good
February 17, 2016

Global—led by Krop—is the undisputed leader in television, with the evening News Hour attracting close to 200,000 viewers—almost triple the numbers of closest rival CTV

Jill Krop rose through the ranks as reporter, host and news anchor at Global BC, and last April was named its first female news director and station manager. Over her three-decade career in journalism (including 20 years at BCTV/Global), she has seen the disruptive impact of technology on her industry. When cell phones allow anyone to broadcast news, and every organization has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, how does television remain relevant? “Really basic storytelling,” she says. “I think that’s the appeal. Everybody now is putting out information. But the thing that we do is bring context, hold people accountable and get to the bottom of things.”

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  1. She’s only been on the job less than a year and you want her fired, right .

    Why don’t you give her a chance,

    Think the Nomad can do any better ?

    Doubt it !

  2. Nomad,people like you amaze me! Here is a well respected journalist and television anchor who has worked her way up over the years and witnessed by thousands. I have great admiration for Jill for achieving such a position and believe she certainly has the aptitude and ability to handle her new gig. It hasn’t even been a year yet and as we all know Global ain’t what it used to be and has been on the decline for the last few years, which can not be blamed on Jill. Given a mandate, I’m sure she has surrounded herself with those with a pulse on to not just maintain the current viewers, but INCREASE… Good Luck Jill! As for Nomad, you’re nothing but a bitter old fart!

  3. Wow…nothing against Ms. Krop, but when the Mayors of Hudson’s Hope and Fort St. John can beat out our Attorney General or arguably the world’s greatest ever female soccer player- Burnaby’s own Christine Sinclair-, it’s reasonable to call the quality of the list into question. Then again, considering the source document (BC Business magazine) in addition to the bonafides of the judging panel , can one draw a line between big advertisers ( or members of the Vancouver Club, given that one judge is the director of membership) and the ultimate selections?


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