Rachel Notley Stifles The Media


Rachel Notley doesn’t understand the media, or martyrs


Sun News Network columnist and host of The Source, Ezra Levant speaks to a crowd of a few hundred at a Calgary for Israel rally at city hall in downtown Calgary, Alta. on Thursday July 31, 2014. The event was being held to show solidarity with the Israeli people while condemning pro-Palestinian supporters who attacked members of a Jewish family during what he called a pro-Hamas rally two weeks ago. Stuart Dryden/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency
Ezra Levant (Stuart Dryden/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency)


The best gift the Alberta NDP premier could ever give Ezra Levant was to try to ban The Rebel website


By Jason Markusoff

February 16, 2016

TheRebel.media turned one year old on Monday, and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley got Ezra Levant and his website the birthday gift he’s always wanted: martyr status. Journalists typically cringe when they become the story. For the self-styled Rebel commander, victimhood appears to be one of his favourite sorts of stories; the opening montage of his Ezra Levant show features clips of him chasing an uninterested David Suzuki with questions and talking tough at his own Alberta Human Rights Commission hearing, not so much what others say in reply.

That Notley’s office has declared his correspondents are banned from Alberta media lockups and press events is a gift that keeps on giving for Levant. It’s brought massive attention to the conservative commentary site Levant formed in the ashes of Sun News Network, and has a petition that’s easily convertible to his mailing list.

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  1. I don’t care if you love or hate Ezra Levant and his style of journalism, verging on Yellow Journalism in the eyes of Liberals and Socialists (New Democrats), but this is a very serious issue. It about Freedom of Speech! The Rebel also includes professionals such as Brian Lilley long time News Journalist reporting from the Hill. By the way Justin also hates Ezra. The late Sun News Network had many a chase down the hall and out on the streets. Two Peas in a Pod, Rachelle and Justin.
    I wanted to share this piece from Warren Kinsella

  2. I still cant believe that Alberta voted in a socialist government. I’ll bet that the NDP in Alberta are a complete failure. Maybe she will enact a provincial sales tax. That would teach those Albertans.

  3. Rachel Notley – just doing what Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro and other far-Left control freaks in power have done in decades past, control the media to control what gets reported and what doesn’t if it’s not to their liking.

  4. If one didn’t already realize it, this thread is further proof that old white guys frequent pugetsoundradio.com.

    Seriously, Notley compared to Hitler and Stalin? Come on. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    She won’t last past one term. There’s no doubt about that. But make no mistake – the Alberta PCs blew it with their actions over the past 15-20 years. Let’s hope this election loss and market downturn is a wakeup call to that party.

  5. Ezra’s gotta be lovin’ the brouhaha. I’m sure his inner thoughts are: “Any publicity is good publicity–just spell my name correctly.”

    Seriously, Ezra and his other rightward cohorts will likely be on the vanguard of a reawakened Alberta separatist movement if, as seems possible, the Eastern NIMBYs block the Energy East pipeline proposal. Here, in BC, the Northern Gateway pipeline plan is as good as dead. I don’t have a problem with that being nixed. But if enviros succeed in preventing even existing pipelines to expand, then faster than you can say President Donald Trump, Albertans will be eager to quit Canada and join the US.

  6. @ IAM:

    “If one didn’t already realize it, this thread is further proof that old white guys frequent pugetsoundradio.com.

    Seriously, Notley compared to Hitler and Stalin? Come on. You’re embarrassing yourself.”

    No, the only one doing any self-embarrassment is you, for your ageist and racist comment and for not realizing that Notley is no different than any other left-wing politician, past or present (including Barack Obama and Justin “Mr. GQ” Trudeau) who wants to control the media to control the course of dialogue and make sure they’re seen in a favorable light while deliberately making the opposition look bad.

  7. I’m not an old white guy and I see what the NDP is doing to the province. It’s not good. I want the old white guys back and soon.

    As for censoring the media, this is what socialists and communists do. They are control freaks, right down to telling you how to think, what to read, what to smoke, what language to speak. As a rule of thumb, one should NEVER elect a socialist or communist government, no matter what party banner they run under. Look at Allison Redford. We’re told she was a conservative. She was actually a socialist in PC clothing. We booted her out real quick. Too bad the old white guy that replaced her was politically inept and called an election when he didn’t have to, otherwise he would still be in power.


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