NBA Announcer: Saskatchewan named after Sasquatches


Thanks to our friend Dave Reynolds for catching this one..

Dave Reynolds, Morning Show Host at CKNX, AM920


Too funny: Saskatchewanians are eager to correct the record after an NBA announcer insisted Wednesday that their province is named for its abundance of sasquatches. The Fox Sports announcer made the comment while pointing out that Utah Jazz forward Trey Lyles is the first person from the province to play in the NBA. The announcer said, “That region’s known for being home to a lot of sasquatches. That’s what it’s named after.” To be clear, Saskatchewan is a Cree word for “swift flowing river.”




  1. Ever since the announcer at ABC commented after we won a soccer championship that “in the village of Vancouver they are huddled around their tv sets”. ignorance is bliss. Leave them be.

  2. Sometimes they get it wrong at home. An American once told me, quite seriously, that Nevada was named after the Navajo. That is wrong on at least two levels 🙂


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