Two Vancouver Radio Vets Join PULSE FM



Surrey’s new radio station PULSE FM has announced the lineup for their morning radio show which will be hosted by a pair of radio veterans



Terry Reid & Jack Marion first worked at CKLG in the 70’s & 80’s and again together in the 90’s at KISS-FM in Vancouver.

Terry Reid

Reid currently makes his home in Delta, while Marion resides in Tsawwassen.

Jack Marion



There is no official word on when the radio station will go live on the air but they are testing their signal with music at 107.7 FM.





  1. If they really want to capitalize on the nostalgia aspect, why not call the show Terry and Marion in the Morning? 😉 Congrats to these two radio pros!

  2. My Pulse just starting beating a wee bit faster with this great news.

    There’s a fellow who owns a popular coffee shop in Murrayville that I will be sharing this news with.
    When Terry & Tara left the air at QM-FM, he changed Stations saying his mornings were never the same.
    He’s switched the dial several times looking for that morning voice and now will be pleased to hear that he will be back on the air.
    Best wishes to these 2 very talented communicators.

  3. Congratulations to both of these talented and very nice guys. They will be great!! They were both great to work with. Terry and I worked, starting in Ottawa, in 1974. He has always been a great asset to any station. Jack was part of Latrimornings, for years. Great hires.

  4. The 107.7 signal is pretty good across a swathe of the lower mainland, particularly considering the 2 kW output. However, driving westward along the freeway I lose the signal near Kensington/Canada Way.


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