Rafe Mair Blasts Christy Clark on Drex Live


Drex talks with former CKNW talk show host Rafe Mair about what BC Premier Christy Clark said at former BC Premier Bill Bennett’s Memorial Service.

Rafe’s Commonsense article HERE


  1. Quote from Charles, “And his RANT continues…”

    Hey Charles, I can’t believe you would say something like this? I’m thankful for the likes of a Rafe Mair who would bring this to our attention. Where the hell are the reporters from any of the media? Why didn’t they connect the dots that Bill Bennett had absolutely nothing to do with Cite C! Because they’re either too bloody lazy or don’t know the facts or just don’t give a damn, like you Charles! The fact is the Premier LIED, and you label Rafe accusing him of Ranting. God helps us.


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