Donovan presents Chris Brookes “The Radio Rolled Me” CBC Radio, 1990




By Donovan Tildesley

PSR Contributor


Tuesday February 9th, 2016


Chris Brookes
“The Radio Rolled Me”
CBC Radio, 1990

This week, it’s something a little different. Let’s call it “holiday programming”. Having spent the last two days skiing up at Sun Peaks, I haven’t had the chance to exhume anymore aircheck treasures from my box of tapes. What I did find, is this. A documentary produced for CBC Radio in 1990, all about Canadian radio! Despite the host’s home base in St. Johns, NF, many of the clips heard hear originated from Vancouver. Host Chris Brookes, is an “author, storyteller and independent radio producer”, whose bio can be found hear:
My Mom bought this two-disc four-part series for me for Christmas back in 2001. Listening to it now, I am curious as to what Mr. Brookes would have to say about the state of radio in 2016. This week we feature the first two parts of this series. Parts 3 and 4, which deal more with campus and community radio, as well as the CBC, may be featured at a later date. So pull up a chair, grab your favourite beverage, and get ready to go on a journey to radioland.


The host openly admits his CBC bias.

I am featuring this documentary without permission. I don’t believe the CD is still in circulation. If I’m mistaken, please feel free to call me out.

Part 1: (29:20)
Tarzan Dan vs CBC
What is radio?
Marconi and the “Radio Garden of Eden”, a trip down the St. Johns, NF radio dial
The first inventor of radio, Reginald Fessenden
The Canadian vision of radio; commentary by CAB President Michael McCabe
Comments by Linda Ashley of Broadcaster Magazine
Driving to work with Twyla Pattison, featuring an aircheck (in the background) of Brian Bren on CHQM-AM
CJOR flips to CHRX, comments from PD Bob Morris, air check of JB and the Bear morning show
CKNW and Rafe Mair in Moscow, comments from PD Doug Rutherford


Part 2: (40:30)
Vancouver’s Pacific Radio Arts College
Tanta Gupta and the Satellite Radio Network
An overview of syndicated programming (note how the host mispronounces the late AT40 countdown host’s name?!)
A cross-Canada radio trip that will take your breath away
Comments from Much Music’s Terry David Mulligan
“Radio Doctor” Pat Bohn
The lucrative Toronto FM market (featuring John Jones and Paul Fisher of CHFI)
Comments from Chum Ltd.’s Duff Roman:
The birth of Rock ‘N’ Roll in a ‘90s context
The problem of teen erosion

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