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Second Ghomeshi Complainant Admits Friendly Post-Assault Contacts


But maintains emails do not change slap or choking without consent



. Lucy DeCoutere says emails that appear to show her enjoying Jian Ghomeshi’s company do not change the fact that he choked and slapped her “without consent, because he never asked” her before it happened.

Confronted with the emails by defence lawyer Marie Henein, the Trailer Park Boys actress told a Toronto court on Friday she wanted to make Ghomeshi into a friend and neutralize the situation DeCoutere said it was normal for people to contact the people who assaulted them. She said she wanted to have as much agency as possible.
Henein asked why DeCoutere would try to be friends with a man who allegedly assaulted her. “Yeah people do that. It’s a weird thing. But it’s real,” DeCoutere said. DeCoutere has testified that the 48-year-old CBC Radio host started choking and slapping her in the face without warning while they were kissing at his home in the summer of 2003.

Lucy DeCoutere testifies at Jian Ghomeshi trial_3

                  Jian Ghomeshi with Lucy DeCoutere


Henein produced an email in court Friday that DeCoutere sent Ghomeshi on July 5, 2003, a day after the alleged assault. It read: “You kicked my ass last night and that makes me want to f— your brain out. Tonight.”

Another letter she wrote to Ghomeshi read: “Jian you are great. I want to have more fun times with you… I am sad we didn’t spend the night together.”

DeCoutere read the letter’s sign off at the request of Henein. It said: “I love your hands, Lucy.”

DeCoutere said that does not mean she liked being choked.

“He choked me without consent because he never asked for it. He slapped me without consent because he never asked for it,” DeCoutere said.

In another email sent on July 17, 2003, 13 days after the alleged assault, DeCoutere wrote to Ghomeshi: “I think you are magic and would love to see you.”

Henein then asked DeCoutere if she was prepared to admit she was lying about her feelings and about the incident. Absolutely not, DeCoutere said.

DeCoutere said she forgot about the email but it “doesn’t change the fact of the matter.”

DeCoutere maintained that Ghomeshi slapped and choked her. She said it is like someone who is assaulted by their husband and stays married to them.

DeCoutere is the second complainant to take the stand at Ghomeshi’s trial. She was challenged Friday by Henein on information she gave police when she was re-interviewed earlier this week.

The Trailer Park Boys actress, who has waived her right to a publication ban on her name, told police in a statement on Thursday about emails she exchanged with Ghomeshi after she alleges he assaulted her.

DeCoutere told police this week about accidentally breaking Ghomeshi’s glasses, sending him flowers and seeing Ghomeshi in Banff. She also provided a photo to police of herself singing karaoke with Ghomeshi, the court heard.

Henein asked DeCoutere why she didn’t tell police before this week about snuggling in the park with the man who allegedly choked and slapped her.

DeCoutere said she was surprised that it slipped her mind.

Is it possible that DeCoutere just forgot the things that show she is lying, Henein asked.

No, DeCoutere answered.

DeCoutere said she believed her first statement to police was the first step in a longer exposition that would be teased out later by the Crown. She said her only knowledge of the legal system came from American TV shows.



  1. What a stupid bitch! She loved it, that’s her problem and it totally questions or discredits the testimonies of those brave women who dared to come forward to testify against this pervert.

  2. The whole trial is a sham from the get go. Basically, CBC management and the whole Toronto media establishment “allowed” the abuse to happen, even turned a blind eye to it. Now, we learn AT LEAST two of the victims still kept talking to that female abuser and alternative sex offender, well AFTER the dirty deeds were done.

    Good luck getting a conviction, now !

    The omission from Decouture drew “gasps from the courtroom.”

    Of course, it did ! As her personal credibility basically got shot to hell in one Toronto aftrernoon !

    After the trial is over, Ghomeshi may well return to the media, you wait and see. just like Conrad Black and the rest of the jail crowd.

    Women will still line up to see this sexual predator ! Totally bizarre !

    The publicity from the Ghoomeshi trial will ensure that his name is still in the news, and won’t be easily forgotten ?

    Watch the slime ball cash in on that.


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