Rogers has 200 more cuts coming in February


 Rogers Media cutting 200 jobs (4% of workforce) in TV, radio, publishing and back-office roles. Statement here:

As you are aware, the media industry continues to experience significant pressures from a softening advertising market, fierce competition from global players, and shifting audience consumption habits.

Today we shared with our employees that we will be undergoing some changes at Rogers Media. We have identified cost efficiencies in production, operations and procurement, and have made the difficult decision to reduce headcount, primarily affecting conventional TV, radio, publishing and back-office positions.

Approximately 200 positions wil be impacted, representing 4% of our workforce at Rogers Media. These changes will begin in February and will conclude as soon as possible.

This was not an easy decision, but was right for our business long-term. There will be tough days ahead, but we will communicate as much as we can with our employees to keep them informed throughout this challenging time of transition.
While difficult, these changes are essential to delivering on our Rogers 3.0 plan and to position us for continued success and future growth while helping us effectively manage costs.

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  1. “These changes will begin in February and will conclude as soon as possible…”

    Because nothing says “great for morale” like sitting at your desk for the next week wondering if your key card is still going to work after the 1st of February…

  2. Rogers and Bell make record profits every year but they have to appease their shareholders at the expense of their customers. Rogers overpaid for the NHL broadcast rights and now some content producer at Sportsnet pays the price.

  3. Unbelievable! What kind of a life would Rogers employees across the country waiting on pins and needles for February to find out if they still have a job. That is disgusting!

  4. have made the difficult decision to reduce headcount

    I guess it really says how little they think of their employees. The just consider them a number, not a valuable asset to a company who has made them successful. No humanity in their statement, very business like, sure would not like to work for a company who views me like this, as you know what will happen again in the future, chop and another head rolls.

  5. Tragically in character for this corporation. I feel badly for the people whose lifes are on hold while the layoffs and bumping takes place. Purgatory is the worst.

  6. This is almost a human right violation. What a rotten way to spend the month of January.
    Back in the day when Canadian Pacific still had coast to coast trucking operations they had a method of firing their terminal managers. The CP police ( 2 of them) would show up around noon at the executives office door. He would be handed his pink slip. He then had 5 minutes to gather his personal effects then he was walked to his car.
    I thought that was cruel but you radio guys are way worse.


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