‘Donovan’s Aircheck Corner’ featuring Kid Carson


By Donovan Tildesley
PSR Contributor
January 12th, 2016

Welcome all! As you’ve probably seen from my banner on PSR, I spend my
days providing my clients with piece of mind through simplified
insurance solutions. I’m a people-person: I thrive on interacting with
others, and hearing their stories. While insurance pays the bills,
radio has always been my hobby and passion. Over the next while, I
plan to use this space to highlight some of the personalities who
have made my days (and hopefully yours too) that much richer. If you have
material you’d like to share? Just email me and we’ll make it happen.

Kid Carson

With his recent departure from Rogers and KiSS, I thought I would
highlight a couple of clips which really highlight his brilliance.

The Beat 94.5 Party Bus

In the Summer of 2005, The Beat 94.5 toppled long-time rival Z95-3.
With PD Chris Myers at the healm, and a lineup of young and dynamic
personalities who weren’t afraid to “take it to the street”, it felt
as if the radio station was everywhere. I was 21 at the time and
attending UBC, and I recall feeling that the whole station really
spoke to my generation. From personal experience, the most successful
teams not only work well, but also play well together. On this
particular night, the Thursday before Remembrance Day, The Beat crew
were doing just that, on route to Cheers in the North Delta Inn. All
aside from Flipout, who was holding down the fort back in the studio.
A couple of calls from the limo bus illustrate, that, in the words of
the Black Eyed Peas, tonight was gonna be a good good night!

Kid Carson’s Christmas dinner

January 3, 2005. Kid is back on air after spending Christmas with
family and friends in Ontario. A good holiday, aside from one small
annoyance; the family Christmas dinner. In typical Kid fashion, he
let’s the audience into the dining room on that particular evening.
Unbeknownst to his family, Kid’s digital camera is doing more than
just taking up space on the table. Over the years, Kid has been known
for pulling off these sorts of bits. No doubt this was close to home
(pun intended) for a portion of the listening audience!


Again,  if you have any airchecks you’d like to share, please contact me.


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  1. What happened? This station was so influential around this time. It wasn’t just a jukebox, it was an experience. It was “cool” to listen to The Beat. Quality programming, entertaining hosts that weren’t limited to 3-second sweeps, they really understood who their audience was and how to cater to them. Sad to compare where the industry has gone.

  2. Any requests for future segments? While I have a soft spot for the classic (pre-1990) airchecks, I plan to showcase any example of good radio from any era, including today. Next week it’s Tom Lucas in the nighttime at CFUN from 1976. Future goodies will include Kamloops’ “Morning Mayor” Peter Ohlsen on Radio NL from June of 2010, as well as some classic Fred Latremouille from the late ’70s. PSR has also obtained some 1995 audio from Winnipeg’s KY58, which showcases the former Vancouver-based SRN format “Good Time Oldies”. Suggestions and additional material are always welcome!

  3. How about any airchecks from Rita Woodman, my all time favorite DJ from CFOX/LG73,AM800,or Rock.1040?? I miss hearing her on the radio. She had style back in the 80s and 90s on Vancouver radio. I miss you Rita!!!


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