BBC News Facing Tough Choices


By Chris Ariens, TV Newser   

BBCQueenJames Harding, the director of news for BBC News, calls 2016 “a defining year” for the global broadcaster.

In a blog post Harding says BBC News has to do its part to cut £5 million from its operations, mostly due to the fact fewer U.K. homes own TVs. Households are required to pay a license fee–upwards of £145 every year–with the income used to fund the television, radio and online services of the BBC.

With fewer TVs, license fee revenues are going down. A soft advertising market for BBC World News and is also causing concern.

So, that’s why Harding is communicating that 2016 will be a year of transition. He says it’s not about job cuts or cost savings, but “about setting our priorities.”

The BBC is the most trusted brand in news. We are vigilant about our values. We are courageous and intelligent in our journalism. And we are leading the way in innovation in our industry. The choices we make now will determine the future of arguably the greatest journalistic organisation in the world.



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