Forbes N’ Marshall find ‘mic’ to express their thoughts!


From the Forbes & Marshall Facebook page, the former morning couple on Victoria’s 98.5 The Ocean have found a mic to share some words with all friends, former loyal listeners and fans with this Soundcloud message.



  1. Miss you so very much on the radio…. You were so much part of my drive into town … Could you do your own show…

  2. We really miss listening to you in the mornings. The station just isn’t the same without you. It’s good to hear you’re doing so well. All the best to both of you and to Pat.

  3. You’re both awesome! You will land on your feet…you already have!
    I miss waking up to your cheerful voices! Good luck with your next adventure! Betty D

  4. I am shocked not to hear you anymore, I listened to you every day as I was on the road for an hour each day going to work, please let me know where you are going as I would love to hear you again.


  5. I am still in shock. Your replacement has no personality so far. Maybe I will change channels too. I have not moved the dial on my car radio since I arrived in Victoria 8 years ago. I wish you both so much in life. I am sure you will both land on your feet.

  6. I was shocked to find out you were no longer at the Ocean. They say the new guy has started but Ionly hear elevator music playing. It is certainly not the same radio station. No interesting facts or news- even the news is boring. This is not a change for the better at least for the listeners

  7. 98.5 The Ocean just isn’t the same without you so like many other listeners, I’ve switched to another channel. Thank you for your many years of wonderful entertainment. I wish you both all the very best in whatever you choose to do.

  8. I thought you were on holidays. I am not listening to the Ocean anymore. I am not a morning person and for the last 16 years you have made mornings possible for me, good luck to you both

  9. I miss you guys so much.. It’s just not the same in the mornings without you both and Pat Thomas, too. I hope something really wonderful comes your way. You both did an amazing job for so many years. I have to find a new morning radio station to listen to. It’s just so sad with you gone.

  10. I want you both to know, I couldn’t wait to turn on the radio at work each morning…you are inspirational and so funny…you made even a bad starting day a whole lot better. Thank you for entertaining me for so many years. I hope you both remain happy and inspirational in what ever adventure you face…I miss Pat Thomas as well…such a complementary team…HUGE loss

  11. PLEASE do a new morning show somewhere I can listen to. My mornings have not been the same and I really am not impressed with the new show. I am on my 3rd radio station test and have found nothing worth listening to. Everyone at work doesn’t like my morning mood:(
    Mike, good luck with the provincial soccer tournament. We are cheering for you!!!
    The two of you are more than a radio show, you have supported our community and given so much to Victoria and the Westshore. Nothing will replace or come close to what you have done for our city. Make your next stop TV, radio or mayor.

  12. Miss you 3 so much!!! Please do a morning radio somewhere, I loved listening to your funny, positive, thoughtful topics. Still love the music selection on Ocean, but the morning talk is painful! I change stations as soon as they start talking now. You brought so much to Victoria mornings, I miss your voices starting my day!


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