Roundhouse CEO Don Shafer in accident

Don Shafer’s Jeep after hitting black ice and 2 Roll Overs….

Puget Sound Radio Sends our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Don Shafer, who had a close call on the Connector highway heading to Kelowna on Friday.

Kirk LaPointe

RoundhouseRadio morning man Kirk LaPointe’s post on his facebook had this to say,

I know his friends want to reach out and send their best, too.
He’s James Bond-like, stirred but not shaken, with some stitches and bruises but nothing beyond that—amazing considering he rolled the Jeep twice as he encountered the dread black ice.
Get a restful weekend, our great friend and mentor, and see you back atRoundhouse Radio when the roads clear and not a moment sooner.


Don Shafer

Message from Don Shafer

As many of you know I flipped my jeep driving the connector last Friday (December 11th) on my way to Kelowna.

Thankfully I was not a fatality and survived due to the quick work of 3 or 4 nurses who were driving by and on scene at least 30 minutes before emergency crews arrived.

They are not mentioned in the police or ambulance reports and I wanted to thank them. In the event six degrees of separation exists here, please share and reach out to your nursing friends with my heartfelt thanks!

Email Don: [email protected]





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