C-FAX Drops Evening Sports Block, Plays Xmas Music


The loss of the live local evening sports block from TSN 1040 in Vancouver has caused C-FAX AM 1070 Victoria to return to music, at least until Christmas.

They will henceforth start Coast to Coast with George Noory at 10 pm, and fill the 7-10 pm period with Christmas music.  C-FAX will also simulcast the 6 to 7 pm news package produced by sister station CTV Vancouver Island, anchored weekdays by Andrew Johnson (below).   You can see the complete schedule HERE.

Image result for andrew johnson victoria

While that works weekdays when CTV produces an hour-long TV package, the weekend newscasts are only 30 minutes each night.  Maybe C-FAX will start their music a half-hour earlier on Saturday and Sunday.

Another blank as yet on the C-FAX schedule is 5-6 pm on Sunday.

No word on the 7-10 pm programming after Christmas.



  1. Maybe they should go open-line in the slot. Back when they owned Canucks broadcast rights, NW used to prosper by inserting Berner or other hosts on nights when the team didn’t play.

    There’s likely plenty of sidelined talkers who’d be happy to get a CFAX gig. Sean Leslie, anyone? (Did I miss something or has Sean landed on his feet with a new endeavour???)


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