Scott Rintoul Loses His TSN 1040 Show, but Keeps his Job


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Greg Douglas’ Dr. Sport column in today’s Vancouver Sun draws our attention to the face that recent restructuring moves at TSN Radio have killed the nightly Scott Rintoul sports talk show  But his energetic on-air talent has been put to work as co-host on Canucks’ pre-game and post-game broadcasts, replacing the fired Jeff Patterson.

Rintoul will also continue to do Lions’ radio play-by-play with colour commentator Giulio Caravatta.

Bell Media fires Scott Rintoul… HERE

Bell Media Chops Radio Voices of Whitecaps, Lions



  1. Scott Rintoul’s show was one of the main reasons I listened to TSN 1040. He’s the only host on that station with a genuine personality. I hope they let him host the morning show once again.

  2. Not a big sports guy, but every time I listened to Scott, he seemed well-informed, and well-prepared. I do know my hardcore sports buddies LOVE him. Wish him well!

  3. And in the meantime we’re stuck with the American ESPN crap where all they talk about is football. What is wrong with the morons that run these stations? Don’t they understand that if the programming isn’t appealing and people will find another station. Translation? No listeners means no advertisers means even lower profits. Seems simple really, but then the suits who runs these places sit in some corporate tower in Toronto and decide what people in Vancouver want. Something wrong with that picture.

  4. Have to agree with Bob R. TSN has it totally wrong if they think Canadians want to listen to ESPN Radio year round. Syndication is understandable but when it comes from the US Canada and the US are different in sports tastes. The syndication should be Canadian.

    What they should be doing is simultcasting live shows between stations if they want to save money. TSN has access to some respected sports people and could build a national syndicated show around them as well. ESPN is the lazy way out for a sports network.

  5. Sorry to see the local sports programming go down the tank at night. You would think they would re-look at having three guys do the afternoon show and maybe look at cleaning up the morning show. Its more and more predictable by the shift and maybe a guy like Taylor might be better used in the am slot to give it some credibility and humour.

  6. Letting Jeff Patterson go, in my opinion, was a huge mistake. His insight, knowledge and presentation during the hockey broadcasts was awesome. Now the post game show is very lame at best.
    Stu Walters no thanks.
    As for Scott I find him very loud and verbose. Much better suited to morning shows.
    Three guys in the afternoon is ridiculous.
    And I really dislike ESPN broadcasts. I will be looking elsewhere on the dial for entertainment.

  7. Pratt and Jake still there and Jeff Paterson gone – really?? I really miss Paterson, very entertaining, well informed and honest. Who’s making all these decisions? I agree with all of Phil’s message above. I’ve had 1040 on in the background most of the day for years – it’s the weakest now it’s ever been! Why? I feel like I’m losing a very good friend. Can’t believe we now have no Canadian content evening show – bring Jeff Paterson back to do an evening show, I’d definitely listen to that but have absolutely no interest in ESPN. If it can’t be a local live show, how about reruns of some other TSN radio content from across Canada. I just can’t listen to Pratt and Jake any more, so I don’t listen before 10. And now no evening show. TSN seems to be making some very bad decisions! BMac, Taylor and Blake Price (and Jeff Paterson) are the best. And I’m enjoying Brook Ward when he stays on topic (never thought I’d say that). TSN needs to shape up – wrecking a Vancouver institution! How can that be smart from a business standpoint?

  8. I for one will not be listening to ESPN radio. I want hockey talk in the winter not College sports from down south.Bring back Dan Russell and sports talk…Not a good move from the suits in TO.

  9. A huge mistake letting Patterson go! He was extremely knowledgable and always entertaining, Lets not forget that talk radio is all about entertaining the listeners. How on earth Blake Price gets away with what he does is amazing Matt Sekeres carries him on the midday show and Price has no constructive input whatsoever, he just keeps interjecting boring meaningless statistics when others are having interesting discussions….. Moj would be better suited to partner Sekeres, and Price should revert to doing the weather.

  10. Scott was great in the morning but not as good in the evenings…he just sounds like a perky morning host. I cannot listen to the Jake and Pratt show…so last century. I can’t stand them. I tuned them out after giving them a one week try when they started…now I listen to much better TSN radio morning shows from across the country. And can’t agree more with ESPN evenings…we want hockey talk, not US college football talk!

  11. Too bad about Scotty, but there is a silver lining to this house cleaning….the most obnoxious voice in Vancouver radio is gone!
    Good riddance Jeff Paterson!!
    May you never, ever hurt my ears again with your (?) voice.

  12. Sorry that Scotty is gone from the evening show. Will agree with the comments that the suits in TO are messing it up. You lost me as a listener with the arrival of Jake and Pratt in morning and now the evening show. Still laugh that Pratt is playing second banana to a non sports guy like Jake. How the mighty have fallen.

    The mid day show is my second choice. First is with the can’t miss guys, BMac, Taylor and Moj. Grew up a Page fan. For real humour and sports talk, you can’t beat them. The Page was the
    best sports show in Canada and nothing has come close yet. Are you listening you cookie cutter sports announcers on TSN and Sportsnet, who let Taylor go for what is now on TV. Give the West Coast its own sports show, with local stories…

  13. Very disappointed when Jeff Paterson got let go as I felt he and Blake were excellent together. Obvious to me that some suit somewhere is looking for vanilla and that’s what you get in Spades with Captain Obvious AKA Scott Rintoul and his mile-a-minute cadence. So annoying…I was happy when he got booted off the morning show. Although careful what you wish for as I just can’t listen to the morning show anymore with Jake. Even though I can take Pratt, man that other guy Knows practically nothing about sports. Was a DJ and always will be a DJ.
    Not a sports personality. Donnie Taylor does it for me and Blake, that’s about it and send Sekeres back to Toronto where his holier than thou attitude fits in

  14. Scott’s show was, in my opinion, the only TSN 1040 show that actually was well prepared and provided insightful commentary on Vancouver sports. Unlike most of his co-workers, Scott did not fill his time slot off the seat of his pants with ancedotal commentary about bike lanes in Vancouver, his glory days, last night in Vegas, music he prefers, the latest movies, or who’s hot. Instead he talked Canucks, Lions and Whitecaps with critical analysis and opinion which is why we tune into a ‘sports talk’ station. If TSN 1040 keeps on the track its heading, expect more of us to switch to sports podcasts over this station.

  15. Now Scotty is gone along with some other good on air talent and they keep Pratt (known plagiarist) and Jake (music jock with not sports knowledge) really…these two guys have got to go! Won’t be long until all we hear is Toronto Sports Shows on 1040 along with US programming.

  16. Scotty always came prepared to do and give a very insightful show.local kid with lots of connections in the B.C. sports world.
    Now we have to listen to ESPN radio in the evenings . hopefully sports-net will start up a local sports radio show . VERY DISSAPOINTING

  17. Sad times at TSN 1040 with the corking of Paterson. If the Toronto suits really knew what they are doing they would have corked the morning duo who spend more time nattering about their past exploits and if time permits talk a little sport.

  18. I am really tired of listening to ESPN. Jeff Patterson and Scott Rintoul should be reinstated. I have stopped listening. Boring!

  19. I do not listen to 1040 until 10 am because of “Bro Jake’s” immature nonsense! Bring Scott back to the morning show and Willy on 101 will have some competition.

  20. Last night “car racing”!! Oh, come on, this is getting worse. Scotty and his cackle are hard to listen to and his hockey comments seem to be slanted negatively. ESPN is intolerable. Jeff was passionate, he was Vancouver . I adore Blake, Donny is good – surely there is one more good western broadcaster out there for the 10-12 pm spot. I don’t listen to 1040 any more, except on game days and Scotty irritates me then. I used to be locked into 1040. Listen to us, suits! We are westerners and the advertisers out here aren’t crazy about your eastern changes either!!!

  21. ESPN is terrible! Self important hosts think they know everything.
    Zero hockey, lots of college football.
    Clearly, management does not know their audience.
    Three man afternoon show and Moj with Overtime, terrible! He cannot be a one man
    Show, Scotty can.

  22. Pratt is not great, but tolerable. I don’t mind that Jake doesn’t know sports, but his routine is really dated. Their show isn’t unlistenable, but it’s not good either. When Mich Berger gets on, it’s a trio of dirty old men, and probably the show’s worst segment. ESPN – now that’s unlistenable. Sekeres and Price is when my 1040 listening starts, they’re solid at lunch. Drive Time, is decent. BMac is the lynch pin. Donny’s ok, but can’t stand on his own. Moj gets radio, but I’m not a football guy, and his heavy NFL leaning is dry to me. Scotty was an awesome talent, and in my opinion, should be in the spotlight. He work with BMac before was awesome. Nothing lost with Patterson gone. His tone and delivery were terrible. Overall though, sad days for 1040. I’ve been listening daily since 2002, and this is the lowest point I’ve seen in the roster.

  23. As an avid local sports fan and listener to 1040, it disturbs me when guys like Patterson and formerly , Larcheid are dismissed. Nowadays you have to be a corporate suck up to keep your job in this business. That’s why Botchford isn’t on much lost his morning spot in 2013. Notice how he’s never a fill in with Jake….cause he’d expose him for the fraud that he is. Tomlinson has to sit on the fence half the time cause he’ s afraid of the same fate. This our future folks, vanilla soup with a tofu entree.
    I honestly won’t miss Perry Solkowski though, never liked his insight…

  24. These suits have NO idea what they are doing! You get rid of Patterson but keep those two clowns in the morning!!! Know we have reruns and espn every night instead of Scotty who is much better than the afternoon guys!
    WAKE UP bean counters!!! You are losing your audience!!
    Get rid of Pratt and Jake who knows nothing about sports and give Scotty his morning show back!Wow…

  25. Amazing that those two idiots in the morning stay on. I’m happy though cause I now listen to Tony Marinero on Tsn 690 Montreal and that is a guy who knows his stuff and knows how to entertain. I couldn’t listen to one more show of Pratt and Jake talking about Joe Fortes and Kanye West and such. It gets even worse when Mitch Berger gets on, seriously who cares what Mitch thinks. I really enjoy Sekeres, Moj, Donny and BMac. Seriously can they not find other sports radio talent that they can bring in.

  26. The morning show is the worst thing on radio. I gave it a shot when they started but can’t stand them. Pratt is so past due for the glue farm it is not funny and Bro Jake needs to move to Hick Town anyway and spin his 70’s lps. Bmac and Taylor are by far the best on the station. Team up moj and Scotty. Serekas is as bad as Pratt. Agree Berger is horrid. 1040 is going down the drain.

  27. Scott Rintoul is full of well-formed opinions, but, like Dan Russell, Don Taylor and Matt Baker, he makes you ask, “Why did a guy with such an awful voice decide to go into radio?”

  28. There’s almost nowhere to go now if you’re a sports fan! They keep gutting this station of local, knowledgeable talent and replacing it with talking heads like Pratt. Even if you didn’t like a guy like Rintoul, (full disclosure-I do) at least he knew the market and had good insight. Now we’re gonna be stuck with loud obnoxious douchebags like Pratt and Moj or posers like Jake. There are lots of places people can go for “entertainment”, but it seems we’re quickly running out of options if you want talk sports! FU Bell!

  29. Very sad to hear that Scotty has been let go. Scott is very well prepared and is well spoken and has a good sense of humour. I listen to all 3 shows and find them all entertaining. Maybe Moj and Rintoul could team up in the evenings from 6-9 p.m.. Three talking heads from 2-6 slot is not necessary.

  30. Disappointed to hear that Peter Schaad was let go, not a big fan of Scotty but he knew his stuff. I NEVER listen to 1040 in the morning. Pratt & Bro Jake, are absolutely nauseating! ??????. Bob


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