Forbes & Marshall Out at Victoria’s Ocean 98.5



They’ve been the wake-up duo at Victoria’s OCEAN 98.5 forever it seems, (in fact, since 1996), but as of now they are no longer with the station.

Lisa Marshall and Michael Forbes, married in real life, have been divorced from their longtime positions with the Rogers Victoria outlet, and we’re dying to know .. did they quit?   Or was their cost as a result of their almost two-decade longevity, targetted by the bean counters as something that had to go?

Puget Sound Radio just got word the couple were fired with a severance package, which presumably requires their silence.

Also gone from 817 Fort Street are 14-year newsman Pat Thomas, and popular Account Representative Gary Munro, who announced his retirement.


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  1. Long time competitors but also long time friends.

    I’m proud to say I’ve known them for over 30 years, I hired Mike in 1985 almost instantly as he was so obviously gifted, then a year or so later recommended him to Willy Cole at CKRM in Regina where he shone and “took a shine” to his co worker and future wife Lisa ( a very gifted talent also).

    Talented, professional, always well prepared and completely dedicated to their marriage,family and audience, two very nice people that sadly got this all to familiar radio directive.

    Wishing you both only good things.

  2. Wow, almost twenty years of mornings for Lisa and Mike. Here today, gone tomorrow.
    With this Rogers move it makes one wonder just how safe is Kid Carson on KISS 104.9. His multimillion dollar contract hasn’t been improving the numbers one iota

  3. Carson has STIFFED in Vancouver. Carman is right on.

    The CRTC will be all over these guys, as a new regime takes over in Ottawa – I have a feeling that they are going to cast a gimlet eye over media ownership in Canada.

    Too few players.

    The treatment of the people toiling in the Industry is borderline sociopathic.

    Things will have to change, or this business is finished.


  4. “I can see why no one is going to want to get into the business.”

    Going to call BS on you on that one GR81. The colleges and schools are crammed to the rafters with kids who want to get into the biz. The difference between now and “the old days” is that we had to work our way up to the big leagues.

    Now, the “kids” are getting hired right into the major markets…because they work cheap.

  5. Shocked and saddened that this happened to the best team in radio. What is happening to that station? Rogers doesn’t seem to understand that it is their staff and on air personalities that make a radio station. They are loosing way too many good ones over the years. They are fools. Good luck Forbes and Marshall, you will do just fine. You were the only reason I tuned into the Ocean, I won’t now.

  6. I had the pleasure of getting to know Michael and Lisa when I was their son Noah’s kindergarten teacher. They are friendly, kind-hearted, hard-working, genuinely nice people. And they are the only reason I still listen to the Ocean 12 years later. Well, no longer.
    My very best wishes go out to them and their boys.

  7. This makes me sad. I’ve been listening to Michael and Lisa since I moved to Victoria over 17 years ago. I had no idea this had happened, but when I noticed they weren’t on the last couple days, I haven’t bothered listening…the Ocean has lost a long-time listener.

  8. This is shocking news!! I remember when Forbes & Marshall were my neighbours in Colwood back in 1996! Not to hear them on radio on the Ocean is shocking!! I remember when Lisa walked in my Office and introduced herself and said for us to listen to their radio station! I remember also that Michael made a comment on the radio about us calling our jack Russells first thing in the mornings! Hope you guys are happy in your new location! Wishing you all the best!! Will miss you both terrible for the morning show!!

  9. Michael and Lisa are the reason I started listening to the Ocean. It won’t be the same. These two are amazing. Obviously not a lot of thought about the listeners was considered. These two are even nicer in person. I’ll miss you two….not even interested in listening to that radio station now.

  10. It’s a shame to read Forbes N’ Marshall are no longer with the station. Heritage morning shows mean nothing anymore.

    Don’t worry folks, they’re two of the best in the Canadian radio game. They’ll land on their feet.

    The radio landscape has changed and fan support no longer means the same thing it used too. It’s about the bottom line and how much it costs to keep you around.

    There are still a few good private radio stations left in our country that do it for the love as well as the bottom line… But more for the love.

    I had the luxury of working with Michael and Lisa. They are both outstanding people who are very talented. They will be impossible to replace that exact talent.

    Rogers will fumble around for a while bringing in new talent, cutting them out the door and this will continue for a while until they flip the station brand to something more scaleable (Jack to Kiss?) however Kiss is a strong brand and that was seemingly a good move. So, who knows how this will go but my thought is the whole Ocean brand is in for an overhaul.

    This is just unfortunate that two amazing people caught in a corporation pretending to know what they’re doing with owning radio stations.

  11. A sad day indeed. No station be it TV or radio is ammuned to these tactics. Stopped watching CTV when Hudson left. Not much interest in CFAX after Joe Easingwould and especially Terry Spence. But a tried and true was always Forbes and Marshall. They were in my opinion the last set of personalities for the married couples and families. So sick of the other stations that appeal to the “lonely hearts club” singles scene looking for love. The Ocean could be relied on for stability, not anymore. Unless its to win a contest, i wont be leaving it on 98.5 any longer. SIRIUS is sounding better everyday

  12. Two of the nicest people I have met in this business….Also,It was a decade ago I was the PM drive announcer on Jack and Pat Thomas and I did some radio magic together and those memories I will always cherish. All three incredibly talented people! My best wishes to all.

  13. I wasn’t familiar with the morning team but worked with Pat Thomas back in the 80s at CKSA when I was a 20 something kid learning the ropes and he was a great morning host. Had the chance to meet up with him this past March. Pat was always supportive back in the day and I know that continued from stories I have heard from others over the years. All the best Pat and to the others who have been part of these troubled times in the radio biz.

  14. Well, this started my day badly!!!!!! Loved Michael and Lisa and also Pat. The station just won’t be the same without them. I have had 98.5 on my bedroom radio, my kitchen radio and my car radio. That may change now.

  15. The main reason I listened to the Ocean was Forbes N’ Marshall. Two really great personalities. Went on a couple of their contests to Mexico & Cuba with them. Will miss them. After almost 20 years it is quite a shock not to hear them.

    Also thoroughly enjoyed Pat Thomas with the news. He always added a touch of humour to his reporting.

    I’ll be looking for another radio station to listen to now those 3 wonderful people have departed. Best of luck to all of them. Rogers doesn’t know what they have lost.

  16. I listen to CFUV in the mornings. It’s the university station and I support those kids trying to develop themselves. Some of it is pretty routine and a bit predictable and boring, but the guy on Friday morning is really funny. I can’t tell if he does all the voices or if they are actual guests in the studio.

  17. I am so sad to hear about the departure of Michael Forbes and Lisa Marshall from the Ocean I listened to them for about 10 years and it won’t be the same listening to the station without them.

  18. A couple of updates:

    David, yes they were unceremoniously fired. The terrible way humans have been treated in this industry for a long long time, even before automation. Have a look at their twitter account for confirmation.

    Kevin D, Murray, that is rather unkind to the rest of the hosts throughout the region. It’s a tough business and we all know that, but we are in it because we absolutely love it. There’s nothing like it.

  19. I have been letting this horrible news set in this past week. I own a large company in Victoria and have advertised on both the Ocean and all the other stations Rogers has tried over the years on Fort Street. The only reason I continued to advertise was because of Forbes and Marshall and the Ocean. I am taking my advertising dollars elsewhere now. I haven’t always agreed with what Rogers has done at that location, but again the one solid draw was always that fabulous morning team. I am sorry to see them go along with my advertising dollars. Good luck Michael and Lisa. You deserved to have been treated better, shame on you Rogers.

  20. This is a very sad day discovering Forbes and Marshall are no longer at The O
    I wish we were privy as to why this wonderful couple have been fired.
    I loved this station and now I will not have the pleasure of listening to them.
    Good luck to you both. I know there are many stations will jump in yo hire you.
    It has been a pleasure. You will be missed.

  21. So sorry to hear this happening to such a great team. I doubt the Ocean will be the same – I listened to it for Forbes and Marshall, and Pat Thomas for the news. The others there must be looking over the shoulders as well….

  22. It is with great sadness to hear this disheartening news. I have been listening to Forbes and Marshall and Pat Thomas since 1998. What this Company Rogers haven’t thought about is the fact that they have lost excellent employees and also Lisa and Mike have two Boys who will have to be uprooted if they have to move and that can be devastating to Children. This isn’t the first time you have done this it appears to me you have fired wonderful staff over and over. Future staff should be aware of your tactics. Good luck to Lisa Mike and Pat. You are some of the best. Good luck for future endeavours. Hugs

  23. Like, the company gives a rats ass about “uprooting their children”. We all have to get over this. These hatchet jobs are happening in every industry….energy, banking, retail etc. Fewer bodies to do more work. And don’t be making too much $’s ’cause that’s the kiss of death. It is what it is. Nobody likes it but ain’t nothing you or I can do about it.

  24. Don’t worry folks Micheal and Lisa are very well known in this community and will have no problem getting another job. I will miss them dearly as they were magical with their wit and sense of humour. But more than that they were and will continue to be committed in their personal and professional lives to helping people. As for Pat Thomas he was hilarious and also will be missed.

  25. FORBES and MARSHALL, & PAT THOMAS, were the reason we tuned into “The Ocean” for years. How could a corporation not realize who brought them success.
    GOOD LUCK to the station, without this amazing, talented team.
    As soon as we learned that our favourites were not on board any more we switched stations.
    Why would anyone stay tuned to a company that doesn’t value their employees.
    Reg and Alice Forbes, Uncle Randy, and of course Larry and John Forbes were all part of a wonderful family of beautiful people and entertainers. By extension FORBES & MARSHALL became a daily part of our morning routine. Very disappointed in “The Ocean”.

  26. You have to bring in the big numbers in the broadcast industry. Okay. But who stands up to take resposibility when the numbers drop because of asinine corperate moves like this? Rogers, if you can’t run a radio station and make “bottom line” without this kind of treatment of your people, then maybe you’re in the wrong business. I feel the same way regarding ALL the nice things people have said about Michael, Lisa and Pat. And now, there’s absolutly no reason at all to listen to the Ocean anymore. Goodbye 98.5.

  27. I just moved here from Toronto in January this year. I chose 98.5 the Ocean as my radio station because of Forbes and Marshall and Pat in the morning. I kept it on that station because they are funny and they genuinely seemed to enjoy their jobs and each other. No reason to listen to 98.5 now because I can get the same music elsewhere. All the best in your future guys!

  28. I too am like all the comments here – tuned into the Ocean only because of Forbes and Marshall. What were you thinking Rogers. I can understand bad ratings on some shows, but come on Rogers, take some responsibility here. You don’t seem to care about your staff who are so dedicated to you. I can think of quite a few employees that I saw regularly at your station who are no longer there. I get that it is an awful business to work in, and that the best employees pay the price in the end, but Rogers must be an awful company to work for and I feel sorry for the rest on Fort Street. Can you imagine being an employee still left there. I would feel very scared if I were you all, or at least have a back up plan because in the long run none of you matter to them. Format change maybe on the Ocean? I’d be worried if I was still an on air jock there.

  29. Cal….format change a good possibility. Plus AJ Cruise is rumoured to be the replacement for the morning show. He was, a few years ago sent packing by Rogers. Different time, different place….rumour has it he’s packing back.

  30. I’ve been listening to the Ocean since 1996 because of Forbes and Marshall and Pat Thomas. Hearing the news of their departure is sad. I wish them all the best. I don’t think I’ll ever want to tune in to the Ocean again.

  31. Entertaining morning shows with actual personality are a rarity in broadcasting these days, and if the entry level talent I witness in small market radio is any gauge, it’s only going to get worse as broadcast schools turn out wave after wave of liner card readers.
    The ocean morning show with Forbes & Marshall was entertaining because it was real, and Pat Thomas’s newscasts were casual yet informative, and occasionally amusing. The bean counters at Rogers have done their Island audience a great disservice by turfing The Ocean morning show. I’m sure they’ll find somebody to do it cheaper, but none better. They’ve obviously never heard the term “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” i hope the numbers plummet and they have to sell Ocean and Kiss FM for a song. Heartless bastards.

  32. I am actually surprised anyone even tries to compete with Ed Bain. They had a nice long run, but Ed is just so funny and right on point that with my limited drive time, all I do is seek some morning cheering up and he always delivers. Victoria is lucky to have him. Even many of my friends in Vancouver listen to him. Good luck to Forbes and Marshall. I suspect they will have to go behind the mike, or move to a smaller Bainless market. It’s too bad they had both their eggs in one basket but you can’t blame Rogers for taking care of it’s corporate interests. If they don’t provide quality entertainment, then the whole station will have to shut down and everybody will be out of a job.

  33. I’ve heard from a few people that AJ is returning. Nice. He was fired from Jack a few years ago and now hired by Ocean ? Probably a lot of cheaper having one person do the job of three. Times are tough but even tougher for the people who lost their jobs.

  34. I was appalled and saddened in equal measure to learn that not only Forbes and Marshall, but also Pat Thomas have been dismissed from the Ocean radio station.
    They are such a huge part of the Victoria radio and general overall community. Household names…
    I have been listening to the Ocean morning show since 1997 and Forbes and Marshall, along with Pat feel like family to me and countless thousands of others in the Greater Victoria area.
    Pat Thomas was the best newscaster I have ever heard. He combined humour with a down to earth reality check when delivering news stories ranging from the sad to the bad to the just plain silly.
    I really hope that the threesome get offered a fantastic opportunity to combine their talents again in an opposing morning radio station. Ed Bain is good, but the Q is not for everybody, including me; the music is not to my taste and the Ocean has the right blend of music. However, so does QMFM in Vancouver sooo, if the Ocean brings in hosts for the A.M. show that resemble The obnoxious Matt and Vanessa, then it will be bye bye to my listening to Victoria radio and hello Vancouver… (Matt and Vanessa lost any budding respect I may have had for them when they were playing sick pranks on the unsuspecting family members of their listeners. (not sure if they still do this but I found it to be sick, just sick.)
    Forbes and Marshall and Pat, should you read this then may I send you all the very best wishes for your future endeavours. Go wow some other radio station, though it will be a sorry day for us in the Greater Victoria area, if you have to relocate.

  35. They were a good team, Pat Thomas was outstanding doing the news with his humour. I always stopped whatever I was doing to listen to the “news” Pat style. Shame on you Rogers. I wish all three of you the best and that you land on your feet on your terms.

  36. I was shocked when I heard that Forbes and Marshall and Pat Thomas were no longer doing the morning show on the Ocean. They were great and I loved listening to their banter in the morning. Forbes and Marshall were so involved in the Community and did a lot for Childrens Hospital. I just cant believe that the Ocean would just fire them and for what reason I know I wont be listening to 98.5 any more and I think a lot of listeners feel the same way.

  37. The ONLY reason I listened to the ocean was that I enjoyed Forbes and Marshal in the morning.What were you thinking letting them go ? I won’t be listening to the ocean anymore and I think the station should be making comment on why this happened. VERY SAD

  38. Many of you know me. You know their ratings were in the toilet. A radio station is a business. This is a site for those of us in the business. It is obvious that a little campaign to shame Rogers has been launched because how else would members of the general public find their way here. It’s a tough business and that’s the way it is. There will be only 1 host in January. He is good and can bring the numbers up. You know him and will enjoy him.

  39. My prediction is that the Ocean will go away and another format will take its place in January. KISS didn’t do well either with their fall ratings, so it isn’t looking good for that one either. But management will say give KISS a chance to make a difference. Such foolish decisions are always being made at that location. Maybe time for Rogers to sell these 2 failing stations. Can you image what the remaining staff think about all this. Must be hard to be proud to work there. Good luck to those left there, I sense a new career for all of you soon!

  40. I hope it is AJ. He was the funny half of the AJ and Crash duo. They should have just gotten rid of the Crash part. I predict if it is him, their ratings will rival The Q within a year, provided they give him enough support to have giveaways like the Polka Monster and Rockdoor. People love prizes. Without that you got nothing. I remember way back when CJVI, before it went country, woud give away two six packs of Coke. That was a real ratings winner. And they did it a lot. Imagine that, high ratings for $2.00 worth of cola.

  41. I hope it is AJ. He was the funny half of the AJ and Crash duo. They should have just gotten rid of the Crash part. I predict if it is him, their ratings will rival The Q within a year, provided they give him enough support to have giveaways like the Polka Monster and Rockdoor. People love prizes. Without that you got nothing. I remember way back when CJVI, before it went country, would give away two six packs of Coke. That was a real ratings winner. And they did it a lot. Imagine that, high ratings for $2.00 worth of cola.

  42. Forbes and Marshall and Pat you are all epic! My children have grown-up listening to you, and I have loved hearing you over the years. I had the honour to work with you on fundraisers, television shows, and always loved having an excuse to do a story with you for go! Magazine. With your talent, reputation, and work ethic you will have no problem launching into your next adventure and I can’t wait to see what it will be!!!!

  43. I wasn’t really surprised to hear the news. They had become too milktoast and pablum for most listeners. A lot of us don’t want edgy in the morning, but you gotta give something besides audio spam or you just won’t cut it. I know we have been asked to show support, and I do support you, but at your next gig, spice it up a bit. I’m not talking curry and hot peppers, but at least a smidgen of salt. Good luck. You’re survivors. This is meant with the best intentions and hard as it is to hear, a true friend will take that chance instead of the easy way out.

  44. How did the “general public” find this site, A. Sacknussen? Simply search “Forbes and Marshall fired” and you will find out! I don’t think your paranoid “shame campaign” theory holds much water; it’s just listeners throwing in their two cents worth. And this site is not only for those in the business; even the many of us who don’t know you come here!

  45. I HATE not waking to FORBES & MARSHALL, along with PAT doing the news. Was the best part of my day. Radio seems boring without them. Nobody’s job is safe, even afer almost 20 years there. Real shame. Good luck to them in their new endeavours. Hopefully a local station will pick them up. Let us know where going and happy to switch stations.

  46. I used to listen to them, but I switched to TheQ a few years ago and found it really funny and entertaining. I am enjoying the Christmas music at the Ocean just now, so I will stay in January to see what the new talent is like in the morning. Hopefully, for their sake, it is better and can bring the ratings back up. But if it is also plain and not entertaining, I will go back to theQ. I will be glad to give the new person or persons a try though. I enjoy fresh.
    Thank you

  47. We all know their chances of “landing on their feet at another station” are between slim and none. Hopefully, they have enough $’s to last for a while. They should become a real estate due. Name recognition, credibility in the community etc. should help them make a go of it in that business. But would take a while to get going.

  48. well the ocean will now go to hell in a hand bag look at the jack when aj and crash left its no longer the jack so i hope forbes and marshall read this cuz paybacks a b—h thats what the ocean deserves is to go bye bye

  49. Who is the new dj going to be? I have heard a man talking in the morning during the Christmas music. He sounded good. I am excited to see what is going to be the new style. Hope not a new format. Currently the radio at work is on a different station which is not my style at all. With the new Ocean show in the morning, I hope I can convince everyone to leave it there all day.

  50. I remember AJ. He was pretty funny. He changed to Craig Richards, and now he is Craig Heinz. I wait with anticipation for his unique style. It should be a good show in January if they are really bringing him back without the crash part. Ed will now finally have some real competition in the AM. This should be an exciting war, if true.

  51. I have to say I am looking forward to the new format. I find Bain OK but I am not into his kind of humor. The rest are to pablum so there was no where for my demographic. Hoping the new format has something to offer the rest of us. I wasn’t into family chat etc. Let’s get it right this time.

  52. I’m very disappointed that Michael,Lisa and Pat won’t be on the early show as I have wakened up to them for over seventeen years, I will now find another radio station to listen to, They were my go to people while getting ready for work and while I was working… long 98.5 I”m done

  53. Some people are upset, but not me. This is a great industry. I love the excitement and the competition. New formats, new chances for young people to show their stuff. You’ve got to be innovative, not stagnant. That’s what makes it so great. Good luck new guy. If you blow it, it’ll be your head on the block next. But if you have what it takes, you’ll be a shooting star and it’s all up to you.

  54. I will no longer be listening to the Ocean 985. I only listened in the morning when Forbes and Marshall were on. I will find a new radio station for the morning. Rogers has made a mistake,
    This is a small town at heart, and the people are important.

  55. CShade try the Q 100.3 FM if you are looking for a new station. Ed Bain is hilarious. Craig Heinz is also really funny so there will be some great radio in January. This city is going to be rocking in the new year. Something for everyone. And if these two stations get into a ratings war with good talent, we should be in for some top flight entertainment during the drive to work!

  56. Notwithstanding all the fine comments made about the duo and wishing them all the best as they take their next step in their careers, they were the main reason I never listened to 98.5. I found them, bland, boring, PC, inane and generally dull and uninteresting. Hell, even CFAX had a more interesting morning show…not that that is saying much.

  57. Big Mistake!
    One of the reasons I listened to the Ocean was because of Forbes and Marshall.
    I bet there will be people that will stop listening to the Ocean because of the departure of Frobes and Marshall.
    I will listen still to see who they get but if it really starts to go down hill who knows?

  58. Big Mistake!
    One of the reasons I listened to the Ocean was because of Forbes and Marshall.
    I bet there will be people that will stop listening to the Ocean because of the departure of Forbes and Marshall.
    I will listen still to see who they get but if it really starts to go down hill who knows?

  59. @Bud

    I have to agree. I hear the new host is going to be more lively and interesting. That will be a great improvement. By my count of the comments here, so far The Ocean has lost 22 listeners. That would be about 1/2 of all the audience according to the recent numbers. They HAD to do something or it would have been lights out permanently.
    I also wish Frobes and Marshall well

  60. I’m sure AJ/Craig will be lively but who will join him on the show ? Possibly the recently departed from KISS Vancouver – Randi Chase ? She was part of the KISS Victoria after the switch, perhaps she’s moving to the island to be part of the start of whatever Ocean becomes.

  61. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Mike, Lisa and Pat to come back on the air. I did not realize they had been fired but finally figured out something was up. I will miss them. Pat’s take on the news was always spot on – call it like it is. I really enjoyed that. His sarcastic sense of humour was much appreciated. The morning show could not be any dryer now if it tried. Repeating the same news in the same way each half hour is BORING! And Mike and Lisa made me laugh….and if we can’t laugh we’ll all go insane. You three will be missed and if things don’t improve at the Ocean, I’ll be tuning in somewhere else.

  62. Still in shock, I truly will miss listening to all three of them. Michael and Lisa were great to listen to on my way into work and at work. Pat Thomas called it like it was and that was so refreshing. The Ocean was a great start to my day…. guess I will have to find another station, sorry Ocean

  63. This new kid the Ocean has coming is very good. The Ocean made a brilliant and gutsy survival move. management realized that most people aren’t loyal and will go where the best entertainment is. That is why the ocean had so few listeners. Good luck to Craig. I hear he hasn’t chosen his on air name yet.

  64. Im shock and sadden to hear that Micheal and Lisa are gone. I loved listening to them in the mornings. I have been in hospital so much over the last two years and listening to them while I was in there was one thing that kept me going. And Pat and the news, its just not the same. I have no idea what Rogers was thinking. Three great people are gone and now Im gone from listening to the ocean. All the best to Michael, Lisa, and Pat. If you ever get on another radio station I will definately follow you. Im so disappointed with the Ocean.

  65. Been in Victoria for just a few years. I found The ed Bain show. Sometimes enjoy the Ocean music, but found the talking too simple for my taste and the humour childish. I will give a listen in the new year. Now just Christmas music, not my thing.

  66. Been keeping my ear to the ground on this one, and it seems that they’ve lured AJ, Craig, the Saviour, from mid-days across town at KOOL to do the Ocean morning show, be the new dude. Hope he at least has Tarzan Dan’s chops- kaff, kaff! I’ve also heard tell that Ocean will be re-branded as some kind of 80’s based variation of the original Jack in Victoria. And why not? They drove that franchise straight into the sewer, and seem set to do the same thing to Ocean- what a bunch of clueless tools.

  67. This AJ/Craig/Insert Name here thing seems to be one of the worst kept secrets in the market right now. By the way, this “kid” has got to be in his mid 40’s. What are the chances he is teamed up with the woman ex of the Kid Carson Show? I guess the only real mystery might be the name of the new station. I’ll put my money on something like Mix 98

  68. I have been wondering why I haven’t heard Michael and Lisa on the air recently. It took me awhile to figure it, as I was thinking they were on vacation. I was dumbfounded to find out that they were let go as well as Pat Thomas. They were the only reason I listened to that station and only during their time slot. I loved their sense of humour and the way Pat delivered the news. My mornings of getting ready for work won’t be the same without you. First thing I did when I awoke was tune into you guys, which always made me smile and laugh. You are three very talented people and I truly wish you all the Best. I will not be listening to the Ocean any longer and hope to hear you all on the air again soon.

  69. This had been coming for a long time. Their market share was slipping and slipping until it was under water. It wasn’t a bolt out of the blue. The strategy of more of the same failed formula was a poor one. It’s a shame that these three didn’t make the changes while they had the opportunity. They ended up being like deer in the headlights.

  70. I have been a fan of Michael, Lisa and Pat ( favourite news guy EVER!!!!) since they started here over 20 years ago. THEY made me fans of radio.
    Wishing them the very best life has to offer them in the future.

    The Ocean will no longer be listened to in my car, office or at home, and will be deleted from my email.

  71. I heard they got rid of the morning people. That station was pretty boring. Let’s hope they spice it up in the new year. I will give it a try. It’s a bold move, but I bet it pays off. We could use some honest competition for our morning ears.

  72. I have no use for Roger’s. I was a cell phone customer for 18 years. Eight years ago I moved to Koodo. People should boycott anything Rogers. I do! Too many quality radio and television personalities are getting fired. Pure greed!

  73. Thank you for all the wonderful mornings and your community. involvement. My mornings are just not the same with out Forbes and Marshall. You will be dearly missed.

    What a rude and undignified way to have treated Michael and Lisa to exit them that way! Shame on you Rogers Media ..

    I hope we see you show up on another Victoria Morning Show!

  74. I am very sad. The mornings aren’t the same anymore. When I first moved here over 10 years I was channel surfing looking for a radio station I liked. I came across Forbes and Marshall and haven’t changed the channel since. They were so perfect, so down to earth that you could relate to them. I wish them much happiness with whatever they do. I will miss them. It is a great loss to your radio station.

  75. Really looking forward to the new show. Good luck AJ, if it is you. Only rumours so far. I commend Rogers for making the switch to fresh talent and hopefully livening things up in the morning. Hopefully some good AM giveaways too.

  76. Gotta agree Sol. If the new morning guy is good, I will program the station back into my radio. My old car has limited spaces for FM so something has to go. Maybe The Juice formerly SunFM. The signal from them is pretty weak anyhow. New, fresh and exciting, or they are already dead in the water like before as far as I am concerned. Rogers, you’ve been warned. I hate reprogramming my radio, so unless it’s good, forget it.

  77. My mornings always started with turning on the radio to Mike and Lisa. I also loved.Pats dry sense of humour .Mike and Lisa had a way with. people that just made you feel good .Whenever we traveled We also listened on line all over the world until about a year ago when that was ended. I thought they were on holidays until I realized they weren’t talking about them anymore. I so looked forward to there return after each vacation they had. That has come to an end so has my listening to your station as it will never be the same. I wish Mike ,Lisa,and Pat all the very best and hopefully they will return on another station within our listening range.

  78. It finally dawned on me in mid December that Lisa and Michael were no longer on the Ocean. I have always liked the music choices, but only listened in the morning because of them! Very very boring without them! Today I decided to try to find out what happened. I am in the process of finding a new station to tune in to! Who is Ed Bains? And who cares about him! Forbes and Marshall in the morning is who we care about!!!

  79. So this is what happens when I leave town for an extended period…guess I’m the last to hear. Certainly not the last to voice my shock at this development, guys. Rogers’ stunning lack of acumen is once again on display for all to see. Good lock to whomever slides into that slot but they better have big shoes! All the best to you both!

  80. First it was 24/7 Christmas songs – whose idea was that? Overkill….

    But no Forbes and Marshall? No Pat Thomas? Ocean 98.5 is off for me. Seriously, what are those buckethead Rogers folks thinking?

    I will follow them – hopefully they will be on to greener pastures (certainly better bosses) and I will get to listen again…

    American Olympic Peninsula fan

  81. Kathy, I know what you mean. I was upset at first too. It’s too bad they are gone. But I have to say that I am really enjoying the morning show now. It is so uplifting and funny. I hate to say it, but it is much better.

  82. i miss the morning team Mike and Lisa they were the best of best at there job they were very professional and talented they will be missed what ever your plans for the future i hope it is another radio station in Victoria or elsewhere they will go very far in there career because there is no other radio talent around in the Victoria are and on Vancover Island i went to Cliffside prep school up on Shawnigan lake fro m 70-75 my parents lived in the Seattle area but schools during those years were going to pieces thats why they sent me up there it was a real learning experience but i love the Victoria and Vancouver area and have always made trips back up to the school Forbes and Marshall you will be missed I listened to you from Seattle you were great YOU 2 will be missed immensely good look to what ever your next endeavor may be

    Sanford Weiner

    Seattle Washington

  83. I think the damage those two did to the station was inestimable! I was on to them so long ago – making sure their inner circle of friends repeatedly won the good prizes and the trips. No one else ever asked my name Before telling me I was caller 8 – six days in a row!!! Good riddance to the pair of them!

  84. Forbes and Marshall is somewhat alright but compared to the current Ocean crew, they are way better hosts. I agree their material can be stale once in a while but the current crew are full of blatant mindless drivel on a daily basis! Why is radio broadcaster mainstream such drivel now? If I want to listen to something remotely intelligible, I have to switch to either to CBC One, CFAX, or the Q listening to Cliff Lesquene only (sorry Ed, after decades of listening you still muster too many ah and Uhm on air).

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