Cuts at Newcap?




One of our flies on the wall reports a staff meeting was called to order this morning with news about cuts right across the board (Country) coming Today at Newcap

This story is developing…

In the CFCW News Department, Ken Dawson and Tim Ellis gone.
Also, the Capital FM Morning Show Operator position has been eliminated and Shawn McGinnis is no longer with the Company.
 from Newcap in Calgary, Steve Kennedy who held PD position at AMP is Gone!

Larry Hennessey no longer on the LG 104 website, and that is of today.

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  1. Larry is gone from lg 104.3. Not sure if that happened now or earlier. Personally I thought he was the best jock there so I guess that’s why he is gone. There are a lot of people losing jobs both at bell and newcao and it sucks. I feel for everyone that’s impacted.


  2. I know some of the background people that were let go yesterday across the country. One of whom worked her tail off. Even took on more than what she was hired for and was given the boot. Sad. They let the good ones go.


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