One of the Bell Media fatalities is Marc Michaels



Marc in earlier happy vacation mood


One of the more notable Alberta broadcasters who was part of the latest Bell Media Blood Bath is Marc Michaels of Virgin Radio mornings in Calgary.

We chatted with Marc a few minutes ago, asking if he’d like to share his thoughts about yesterday….

Not too many thoughts really. It is what it is. When you work for a corporation you have to be prepared to have things like this happen. It’s a business. Just tough when it affects so many other people. Danaye and fuzzy are left to deal with it. So many great people in that building. I’m hoping to get another gig here in Calgary. I love this city. Our listeners were the best! Looking forward to being able to connect again on a show where I can be myself. Most people hate change. I think I love it.


Great attitude Marc! No doubt you’ll land back on your feet again and hopefully it will be your choice city of Calgary.

Marc started in the industry in Edmonton at CISN doing overnights. Then Joe evenings. Bear swing. Z99  in Red Deer doing evenings. Z103 in Halifax doing drive. Wired 96.3 mornings. Then vibe/Virgin mornings. Then Bounce mornings. Then back to Virgin!

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  1. Sorry to hear about this!! I worked with Marc in Red Deer years ago and he is a great guy. Best of luck to him landing something else.

  2. I’m sorry to read this about Marc. Its obvious Bell is hitting the big salaries, what with letting Tarzan Dan also go months ago. After reading Gerry Forbes pulls down over a Million per year, what kinds of bucks are the other Calgary radio stations paying their morning stars. I’m sure the fellow replacing Dan and whoever takes over Marc’s slot will never see the monies these fellows were pulling down. Times indeed have changed. Very sad.

  3. I worked with Marc at Z103 in Halifax back in 2006-07. As others have echoed Marc is a great guy and a pro. Tough break and certainly will keep my fingers crossed that you are able to find a gig in the Calgary market. Good people always seem to land on their feet.

  4. Love watching a guy pick himself up with the Rocky theme in his head after getting knocked down. Hoping that’s the case here.

    Good luck Marc!

  5. This sucks. I was so excited to hear the the funny, talented Marc Micheals was coming back!
    He brightened up my mornings and made me laugh out loud!! Now here I am, along with many other listeners, so disappointed. The morning show is just not the same!!!!!
    I think they’re going to regret this decision.
    I think you’ll loose a lot of listeners. I’ve already switched my staton to 101.5.

  6. Kool 101.5 is a WAY better station! I think KooL FM should jump on and pick up Marc! I also think Barbra Beam and Marc should do Mornings on KooL!

  7. I will miss Marc, it is just not as good. So I’m looking for another station. I will try Kool.
    Thanks for the tip.

    Marc best of luck, I will follow you where ever you go!!

  8. Well mark was by far the best on the virgin radio morning show. I will stop listening now it won’t be funny anymore. He was the realist person on it and he definilty made the show listenable.

  9. I can’t listen to Virgin anymore. I listen to all the stations now. I miss Marc Michaels and will be a regular listener of whatever station he lands at.

  10. One day turned on my favorite morning show and found out Marc was gone!! People are right, the morning show is not the same!! I missed the favorite three!! Now time for a new station!!


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