TSN’s Off the Record cancelled amid Bell job cuts

Michael Landsberg


By James Bradshaw
Tuesday November 17, 2015

As Bell Media continues a sweeping shakeup, shedding hundreds of jobs, one of the country’s longest-running sports programs is going off the air.

Off the Record, a popular daily half-hour talk show, will soon end its run on TSN after 18 years. Officially, OTR is “evolving,” with host Michael Landsberg staying on to produce shorter segments to be aired during the network’s nightly highlights show SportsCentre and online starting in the new year.

Many of Mr. Landsberg’s Bell Media colleagues are less fortunate, as the week began with two days of deep job cuts that affected both unionized and non-union staff. Since late August, the company has undertaken a major restructuring in multiple waves, pushing long-serving staff – from executives and vice-presidents on down to rank-and-file employees – out the door.
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