Could This Dodgers Broadcast Hire Be Scully’s Replacement?


Joe Davis Added to Play-by-Play team for 2016

Posted by ,      Nov 11, 2015 13:45

As we head into the final year of Vin Scully’s career in 2016, the Los Angeles Dodgers may have found the man that could be his replacement – Joe Davis, who currently works as an MLB, college football, and college basketball broadcaster with FS1.

According to the Dodgers, the 27-year old Davis will initially call 50 road games for the Dodgers this season while Charley Steiner reprises his TV role for the remaining road games and Scully calls all of the Dodgers home games (and I assume, road games in San Francisco, though that hasn’t been announced yet

Davis will also continue his work with Fox Sports, presumably through the 2016 MLB season (and probably into the college football and basketball schedules next year).

If Davis does end up being the heir apparent for Scully, the Dodgers made a good choice. He’s young (only a few years older than Scully than when he joined the Dodgers in 1950), polished, experienced, and multi-talented. Davis has worked nationally for both Fox and ESPN, and has worked his way up the ladder pretty quickly – he joined ESPN as a 24-year old in 2012.

Replacing Scully is an impossible task, but it would be a lot easier for the team to bring in an experienced young voice like Davis and let him work his way into the role rather than bringing in an older, experienced voice like Don Orsillo and having him continually compared to Scully.



  1. There will always be comparisons made with Vin Scully, no matter who they hire ! Talk about pressure for Joe Davis.

    Just like Jon Stackhouse was compared with the legendary Jim Robson.

    History has shown that a younger, unknown buck always works out…. as the best replacement.

    When the Montreal Expos came into being in 1969, they also hired an unproven, minor league announcer. Dave Van Horne was then the play by play host for the AAA Richmond Braves.

    Van Horne would later become a 30 year plus veteran for the Expos and one of the greatest, ever.

    If you ask me, the play by play tandem of Van Horne and Duke Snider was one of the best baseball announcing teams, ever !

    Of course, the Dodgers have such a well-oiled, perfected brand, that they can make money even if George Strombolopoulos joined their announcing team ! LOL


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