CTV layoffs to Affect 380 Employees


Bell Media Layoffs To Affect 380 Employees, Will Hit Local News Hard: Union

Mario Beauregard-Montreal Québec Canada


By David Friend,



November 7, 2015


TORONTO — Hundreds of job cuts planned at Bell Media have union officials worried about the future of CTV’s local news operations.

A majority of the 380 cuts announced to Bell Media’s staff in Toronto and Montreal late Thursday are production and editorial positions.

It’s the latest round of layoffs at the broadcaster which has been pulling back on its TV staff over the past year and a half.

“We’re bare to the bone as it is, and of course it impacts our coverage, and we’re absolutely worried,” said Susan Lea, the president of Unifor Local 614M in Montreal, on Friday.


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  1. Sadly the UNIFOR rep can only offer platitudes. If your in a union that is not a public sector union you are wasting your money on union dues. Private sector unions have become as lame and insipid as the news business they want to represent

  2. Agreed 13. Most unions are bad luck, but so are you, since 1 plus 3 = 4, (the number of death ?)

    As far as the news business being lame and insipid ? Well, you can always “re-heat” the news business in the microwave, and why not bar b que a few broadcast executives on the barbie, as well.

    Then, yum yum, you can munch on treats like Chicken a la Shaw, burned Bell’s biscuits from hell, Roger’s roasted brownie points, Jim Pattison’s last salesperson on the totem pole fired dumpling soup, plus a generous serving of humble pie for dessert, along with food for thought !

  3. Real deal, take a deep breath and relax. Shaw, Bell, and Rogers are scum. No argument there.
    CBC on the other hand is funded by you and me (death?). Once again public sector equals better pay, better pensions, better union contract language, and better severance when the Conservative government cuts them to shreds.

  4. So, you’re a loyal union man, eh 13 ?

    I was once a “member” of a “public sector” broadcast union (NABET) in a city that I shall not name, and, as I recall, the union never came to my rescue when I was unfairly treated by management.

    In fact. I was hung to dry.

    The same deal with a transportation union that I belonged to ? (The Canadian auto workers)

    It doesn’t matter the union, they will find the time to fuck you over !

    I think that if you have a beef with management, you can do much better with private negotiation at much less cost.

    It is also true that Conservative governments do tend to dishonour previously negotiated union contracts and there is a price to pay for that, in my opinion

    The main hypocrisy is how governments preach economic restraint to the unions, then vote in legislation allowing generous increases in wages, benefits, and pensions for themselves, the politicians.

    Obviously, people don’t like that !

    Conservative governments do tend to bust the unions, no question !

  5. I am never sure if real deal is being sarcastic or not so here it is in a NUT shell. I was once a loyal union member but over the years Ive seen how they serve the union executives with great salaries and even better pensions. The members heat phrases like
    we fought the good fight
    we will get them in the next coontract
    youl have to wait for xyz to catch up
    we have to cut back MEMBERS pension payouts
    your dues have to go up to cover costs (exe wages).
    I have belonged to 3 private sector unions Teamsters/CAW/ TCU

    I very much dislike the public sector unions simply because mayors/premiers/ primeministers think nothing of keeping the labor force happy as they never have to mee a bottom line. They just raise taxes or deficits

  6. @ 13

    Now that your fascination for unions is disclosed, my sarcasm obviously has nothing to do with your bias or penchant for unions.

    I think that if working conditions at average radio and tv station were medieval, like Canada Post in the 1960’s, perhaps unions could be helpful.

    But, since conditions are acceptable, the unions have no real purpose, except to extract money out of hard working Canadians.

    jmho !

  7. Susan Lea president of UNIFOR (CAW) local 614 . Go back and read her comments re the 380 layoffs. Totally meaningless dribble. If youve never had a chance to go to your local UNIFOR HQ its worth a trip. Susan will have a hard time feeling the pain of 380 job losses from her very comfortable well appointed office.

  8. When layoffs happen in the industry (a fact of life) we never really know whether it is because the company is losing money, or is it simply a cost-cutting measure to maintain shareholder profits. It would be good to know in CTV’s case whether it is the former or t he latter.


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