Red Robinson’s ‘RPM’ luncheon photos courtesy of Dee Lippingwell



Puget Sound Radio thanks Dee Lippingwell for supplying these photographs of Red Robinson‘s RPM Luncheon which was held last Tuesday at the White Spot in downtown Vancouver.


Red Robinson at the podium with the Introductions…
Stirling Faux and Ted Farr


Phil Reimer, Rick Forchuk, Cameron Bell


Carole Robinson and Doc Harris


Jim McDonald, Dave Roughan, Jim Morrison
Red Robinson and Rafe Mair
Jamie Anstey, Kim Larsson


Radio West’s Ted Wendland, Stirling Faux,
Tom Jeffries, Ray Ramsey and Phil Mackesy


Puget Sound Radio’s Ron Robinson, Jim Morrison, Red Robinson


Larry Hennessy and Shana Selwyn


Arran Henn and Diana Tchakalian


Don Shafer (Roundhouse Radio)
What do these guys REALLY think of my new radio station?



Rich Reynolds
Click Pic to Enlarge


George Garrett
Arran Henn and Gord Lansdell
A somber mood about local industry mates who passed this year…


Andy Halychuk, Mary Jane Halychuk


Ron Barnett, Bernie Pascall, Jim Robson and Brian Dance


Phil Reimer, Joy Metcalfe, Rick Forchuk


Dave Roughan, “Weird” Harold Kendall and Don Kennedy


Peter Alpen, Bill Reiter, Kent Kallberg and Gale Honey


John Tanner and Peter Alpen


Marcie Cimolai, Bruno Cimolai and Wally Bodner


Doc Harris, Bill Nelson, Brian Antonsen and Dave MacLaughlin



Campbell McCubbin, Ted Farr, Bill Reiter


Kerry Marshall and Ted Farr


Brian Walks, Steve Herringer and Jamie Anstey


Ted Wendland and Larry Hennessey


Kerry Marshall and Shana Selwyn
Owen Coppin on the left
Dee Lippingwell
Legendary Rock Star Photographer & author of second book FIRST THREE SONGS…NO FLASH!

Dee Lippingwell‘s website HERE




  1. What a group of voices. If they all said hello at once, it would loosen your bowels!
    Salute to Red for pulling it all together.

  2. A sign of the times or a sign of aging: All the leftover French fries!

    Thanks for pulling it together Red. Can’t help noticing how the gathering has enlarged over the years. ( I meant attendance not the participants)!


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