Could Podcasts Act as the Minor Leagues for Radio?

  • courtesy        October 8, 2015
  • stevegoldstein2015.jpgSteve Goldstein

    Many in radio lament the loss of weekend and overnight talent as a training ground, but AMPLIFI MEDIA Founder STEVE GOLDSTEIN says fret not, podcasts can fill that need, writing, “Last week, ESPN announced that one of their podcast-only shows, JALEN and JACOBY is moving to nights on ESPN’s radio network. ESPN/GRANTLAND’s DAVID JACOBY and NBA analyst JALEN ROSE teamed up for the podcast in 2011.”

    GOLDSTEIN remembers when, “Young air talent would pack up the U-HAUL and end up in a small or medium market like LACROSSE, WI to work things out. But technology has enabled a changed process for a former intern of the nationally syndicated ELVIS DURAN morning show and a WKTU promotions team member. CARLA MARIE and ANTHONY graduated into full-time staff positions with THE ELVIS DURAN SHOW. With a large crew, however, getting mic time can be rough and they were yearning to be on the air more often. Under the guidance of ELVIS and iHEARTMEDIA master talent coach DENNIS CLARK, the ‘My Day FRIDAY’ podcast was born.”

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