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A little over a year ago, BOB RIVERS left iHEARTMEDIA Classic Hits KJR-F (THE JET). At that time the station changed its name. The station sank as low as #16 and was at #10 as recently as MAY. More recently, the station has been on a nitro-fueled tear that has taken it to #1 6+ (5.7-6.5). HUBBARD Top 40/M KQMV (MOVIN) remained a close #2 as it ended a three-book slide (5.8-6.3). BONNEVILLE Talk KIRO-F was chatting about its best book in over a year (5.4-6.2) as it moved up three slots to #3. CBS RADIO Classic Rock KZOK saw its two-book run at #1 come to an end as the station slid three spots to #4 (6.1-5.6). ENTERCOM Active Rock KISW fell to #5 with its lowest share in over a year (5.7-4.7). The Country battle suddenly got interesting. CBS RADIO Country KMPS popped its best number in over a year (3.6-4.5) to advance six spots to #6. Meanwhile, ENTERCOM Country KKWF (THE WOLF) was handed its lowest grade in over a year (5.1-4.1) to slip to a tie at #8. HUBBARD AC KRWM (WARM) also had its lowest share in over a year to drop two places to #7 (5.5-4.4).

There was a new 25-54 sheriff in town. KQMV moved back to the top spot it last visited in MARCH. This sent KISW back to #2 as the station posted its lowest number since BURL IVES was in heavy rotation. KJR-F jetted up to #3 with its best book in over a year while KZOK slid back to #4. KKWF dropped back to #5 with its smallest number in over a year. It was tied with KIRO-F, which moved up from #10 with its best outing since MARCH. Though KMPS only moved up two notches to #15, it did have its highest total since JANUARY.

Much like the previous demo, KQMV and KISW traded places 18-34. The former bounced back from a down book to reclaim its #1 title while the latter shed some share and returned to its customary #2 spot. ENTERCOM Alternative KNDD (THE END) remained at #3 while KKWF was off slightly but stable at #4. iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/R KUBE had its best performance in over a year to move up to #5, which bumped KZOK back to a tie at #6.

For the third demo in a row, KQMV and KISW swapped positions. This time it was 18-49 and MOVIN ended a three-book slide to secure top honors. KISW had its smallest share since DECEMBER to slide back to #2. A year ago KJR-F was #17 in this demo. It has doubled its share since then, and this time moved up five places to #3. Once again, KKWF had its smallest number in over a year as it dropped back to #4. Two stations moved up and met at #5. iHEARTMEDIA Top 40/M KBKS (KISS) advanced from #9 with its highest share in over a year while KNDD inched forward from #6 with a small decrease. KZOK dropped four slots to a tie at #8 with its lowest total since MARCH. –

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