Fiona Forbes joins Steve Darling as ‘Guest’ Host Starting Tuesday


Our friend Fiona Forbes just posted on her facebook page and we quote

“Super excited to be guest hosting on Global Morning News with Steve Darling this coming Tuesday, September 15th! Be sure to tune in! ūüôā

That’s next Tuesday September 15th, 2015 on Global


Fiona Forbes Bio Courtesy of Vancouver

Co-host Daytime/Urban Rush Rogers/Shaw Cable 4 Vancouver 1997-2002; co-host Breakfast Television Citytv Vancouver 2002-04; Leo Award for Best Host in Music, Comedy or Variety category (with Michael Eckford) 2003; co-host Urban RushShaw Cable TV 2004-12; In Game host Canucks Team Store 2008-09;  contributor/commentator CBC Radio Vancouver 2009; host/producer The Rush Shaw Cable TV 2012-14; fill in host/contributor CKNW Vancouver 2013-current; host Fiona Forbes Shaw Cable TV 2014-current.  LinkedIn profile  


  1. Hope Fiona lands on her feet.

    Does make you wonder…if Michael Eckford had stayed with Urban Rush, would the show still be alive and well today?

    Or, given Shaw’s myriad problems with Corus and industry trends in general have doomed the show? In which case, Michael had nothing to lose by jumping to his ill-fated stint on the bad ship NW.

    At any rate, Fiona has talent. So you go, girl.

  2. Steve Darling is probably the worst person in local tv right now. He is painful to watch and such a try-hard. Global needs to start from scratch for their morning hosts.

  3. bryan- I totally disagree with you. I have always found Steve Darling to be a good host and comunicator. He does well in interviewing as well as delivering the news.

  4. I cannot believe that Steve Darling has 3 people who really enjoy him!
    Time for Global to wake up, put Fiona in there alone and find someone to compliment her.
    Darling has to go … Jill Krop should see it.

  5. There‚Äôs one or two regular posters on this site who have their lower intestines in an absolute knot regarding Steve Darling ‚Ķ ‚ÄėPretty funny.

  6. I thought the majority of contributors and viewers on this site were professional broadcasters. As such, a professional would know the difference between one who is a pro and one who really isn’t. Anyone who thinks someone of Darling’s caliber belongs in a market like Vancouver can’t really be serious. My intestines aren’t in a knot. But I do know good broadcasting when I see/hear it…….fir shure……..

  7. @ Charles said:

    I cannot believe that Steve Darling has 3 people who really enjoy him!

    That’s three people more than Charles Adler, Charles ? LOL

  8. Well Tom Steele ..
    – I as far as I know “professional” means getting paid to do the work.
    – And as I know Steve Darling has been getting paid to broadcast in a major market for over 15 years.
    – And as far as I know you’ve … (?)… Spent a lot of time not liking Steve Darling … I guess.

  9. @ Real Tom Steele

    Obviously, market market talent (or lack thereof) is in the eye of the beholder.

    Steve Darling’s length of time at Global should speak for itself. Maybe people don’t like him because he happens to be overweight?

    Many overweight, obese people are discriminated against in this world.

    Meanwhile, if a broadcaster has ANY deficiency or flaw in their personal make-up, you can bet that PSR will be all over it, isn’t it true ?

    I think Steve projects sincerely, warmth and

  10. WELL, I can think of one “crutch” Steve Darling uses on the Morning News that bothers me. WELL you gonna guess what that might be? WELL you just might be right. “WELL there’s been another shooting” “WELL a 3-alarm blaze” “WELL Vancouver’s Mayor…” I say WELL someone need to be air checking Stevie D and tell him every story doesn’t start with the word WELL. arrrgh. (WELL that about covers it).

  11. The morning show without Steve is weird. Do you want to watch cold american “pro” smiles there?
    I don’t. Steve all the way!


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