CJCA/K-97 Reunion happened Sunday the 13th

Sharon Mallon, Sharkey aka Mark Summers, Bruce Kenyon & John Sexsmith of K-97 daze…


A Message from Mark Summers about the big CJCA/K-97 Reunion taking place this weekend in Edmonton….

Mark Summers (Click pic to Enlarge)


Hi gang.

We have our K97/CJCA reunion this Sunday at O2 JOE’s Tap House & Grill (North) 13509.127 St, Edmonton, and I hope to see you all there, but if you can’t make it, I would love to get a greeting for all the old staff that will be playing at the party. I would call you and record you from phone and play your greeting at the party with a picture of you. Let me know if you would like to do that for me. Have fun 😉

Call me toll free 1.866.944.1686 or you can send me a greeting to ma**@sh****************.com

Hope to see you all there.






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