CBS Seattle Radio Stations For Sale


Word on the street has at least some of the cluster of CBS-owned Seattle radio stations up for sale.  The CBS-owned stations include the newly-crowned PPM ratings leader and classic rocker KZOK, country KMPS, KJAQ Jack FM, and the sportstalk AMer KFNQ.

When and if we learn more we’ll be happy to share it.


  1. Do ya suppose it’s because their raving, maniac talking head or a music box can’t support themselves because they are boring? 🙂

  2. I haven’t heard directly about recent plans, but several years ago CBS Radio went on record they planned to divest of all markets except the top 10. The only reason Seattle (and Las Vegas!) markets haven’t sold yet is the limited number of potential buyers.

    yes there are plenty of people with the money, but I doubt any of them would be interested in buying a radio group. Radio is not a good investment.

  3. Great News! Is this a sign of the return of things before the dreaded DeRegulation?

    Wow, just to think Seattle radio station could once again become locally owned and operated. A Disc Jockey’s dream for sure….

  4. Sparky, as someone in the know. Are there any Seattlites/Puget Sounders who could/would and have the bucks to invest in buying these radio stations? This is but a dream…


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