Freudian Slip? Corus GM References ‘CKNW AM 730’


Thanks to Gord Lansdell at his fine ‘Northwest Broadcasters’ website we learned about this gaffe.

In a memo to staff announcing the arrival of new CKNW AM 980 Interim PD Larry Gifford, Corus Vancouver GM Brad Phillips (pictured, right) perhaps mistakenly refers to the station as “CKNW/AM 730”.

This could be an early clue that management is at least contemplating the move of CKNW to 730, in a likely programming swap with sister station All Traffic CHMJ.  The CRTC recently denied an application for a nested FM repeater of CKNW to serve downtown Vancouver.  A programming swap would be a financially efficient way to bring CKNW’s downtown signal back to an acceptable level.  There has been no official announcement by station management that this plan is in the works.

The memo, written Friday, August 14 can be viewed here.  Larry Gifford is Interim PD for both CKNW and AM 730 (CHMJ), which was likely the intent of the reference, as the call letters of 730 are not used except in legal IDs.

Meantime, Gifford has posted the news of his new job.

Via his newsletter, LARRY GIFFORD (pictured above) says, “I am writing this newsletter from a hotel in VANCOUVER, BC. I am excited to be beginning work this week as the interim program director / brand manager at NewsTalk 980 CKNW. I’ll be traveling back and forth from CALIFORNIA for a while as they post for the position and search for their next programming leader. It’s a great heritage station that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for several years. It should be a great adventure. I am going to do my best to write a weekly newsletter, keep up with the blog and the RADIO STUFF podcast, but it will likely be a little less regular during this busy time — if I’m being honest with myself. And with you.”

GIFFORD hosts the RADIO STUFF podcast and consults stations and shows; his resume includes stints at ESPN RADIO, FOX SPORTS RADIO, RADIOHIO Sports WBNS-A/COLUMBUS, and BONNEVILLE News-Talk KIRO-F and Sports KIRO-A (710 ESPN SEATTLE)/SEATTLE.

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  1. I think you are looking for something that isn’t there. Brad is simply stating he will be the interim PD for CKNW AND AM730… Could have used CKNW & AM730, but decided to use CKNW/AM730.

  2. Littletony appears to be correct. I’ve just heard from Gord Lansdell that he now believes the interpretation given by Littletony.

    Question now is … should this thread be removed.

  3. I think and have ever since the ditched the mojo 730 format that cknw should slide down to 730 and I thought the mojo format would do well if given the opportunity with the right hosts. From my recollection 730 has the much better coverage and would be good for cknw. Hopefully corus just smartens up and does the right thing


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