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Bill Good


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Local legendary broadcaster Bill Good is coming out of retirement and will be on the air and online on NEWS 1130 this fall.

‘A Minute with Bill Good’ is a no-holds-barred editorial commentary, focusing on current hot button issues, the inner workings of BC politics, and the influential movers and shakers who make the decisions that affect you — the public.

Good’s first appearance on NEWS 1130 will be Tuesday, September 8th.


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  1. Once a broadcaster, presenter, always a broadcaster, presenter. Bill may have been middle of the road as a talk host on NW over the years, but he was professional and a good speaker. With the sad state of NW98 today, I bet many of us would take even him with his MOR style back on NW98.

    Best wishes Mr. Good. It’s great to see that you still want to contribute to daily radio life.

  2. This story sounds all to familiar. Didn’t Rogers hire Dave Rutherford who was fired from CHQR for their Calgary news radio station 660AM? From what I gather, once they signed up the man for his daily one minute segment, securing his former advertisers in contracts, Rogers then dropped him. No doubt good business sense for Rogers, but screw Rutherford. I can only hope the same doesn’t happen with Good

  3. ‘No holds barred’ seems kind of irrelevant, since I don’t think Bill Good knows any holds. And as for ‘legendary’, well… there are hamburgers described that way. Sheesh… I hate to live in the past, but couldn’t someone direct Rafe Mair to the fountain of youth and bring back some life in Vancouver radio journalism?

  4. What meaningful dribble…. can one possibly say in one minute.

    What a joke. One minute of soapbox glory for Bill Good.

    Why not make it 15 seconds, as in Andy Warhol’s 15 seconds of fame.

    I remember Neil McCrea’s holier than thou comments back in the day.

    “Neil McCrea for BC Hydro.” he bellowed. LOL

    What an *sshole !

    He was so wrong on many things, the BC Lions, the Sedins and pretty much everything.

    I hope that when Bill Good eventually gets on his soapbox that something important is said.

    Otherwise, I might have to come in from the bullpen and show you’all how its done !

  5. I recall my father (who passed in 1996) remarking, “If Bill Good fell off the fence, he’d cut himself in half.”

    Can Bill finally prove my Pappy wrong?

    Cheers /

  6. I go back to CKWX at 543 Seymour when Bill Good Sr. was doing the odd sports show .. often curling-oriented .. for the station. His main outlet was CBR/CBU radio, but he appeared weekly or more often on CKWX.

    Of course Bill Jr. began his broadcast career in sports, but quickly became news oriented. He established strong journalist credibility when he solo ‘ironman’ anchored for CBC-TV over many many hours at the Socred convention that chose Bill VanderZalm as leader.

  7. Bill took over for Rafe and now his slot is Mcomb or Simi depending how you look at the new format. Raif and then Mcomb then Bill then Simi. Least wise Bills not dead last.

  8. C’mon Ron. Bill Bland was never either a newsman or a journalist. He was a jock who exemplified the peter principle. He was arguably one of the worst news readers I ever heard. The fact he lasted as long as he did merely speaks to the willingness of the listening public to accept mediocrity…as they continue to do.

  9. Bill had Vaughn Palmer/Keith Baldrey on weekly for their report on B.C. politics…segment was about 10 minutes and very entertaining.
    I listen to 1130 for financial/traffic reports…Bill’s 1 minute segments seem a waste of time.

  10. Bill Good’s manner of speaking is very pompous – forces his opinions, always plays devil advocate ad nauseum – I just don’t care for the man, never did – he needs to stay retired for young talent. I will never listen to him wherever he is..

    However, speaking of new announcers – I do not care for Jeremy Lai either, his accent is snooty & he ‘mispronounces’ many words because of it..

    Just my opinion & 2 cents worth! I really enjoyed Michael Eckford – bring him back to any station!


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