Jim Goddard talks with Brian ‘Frosty’ Forst about the Koenigsfest departure


Talk Digital Network’s Jim Goddard of the Goddard Report talks with Vancouver radio icon Brian Frosty Forst about what is going on in the industry today…



  1. GREAT TO HEAR FROSTY! For years his morning programme on NW98 was the one I woke up to. Ahh those were the days! Miss ya Frosty.

  2. Boy! As well as being great to hear Frosty’s voice, it’s so refreshing to hear such honest and open conversation.

  3. In the interview Frosty mentions that he met with Don Shafer the guy behind the forthcoming Roundhouse Radio. I was waiting for Goddard to ask the obvious question that never came. So was this meeting about a possible position with Roundhouse? Would love to hear Frosty back on the air.


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