Stephen Harper becomes Scary! Escorts CKNW reporter out of rally!!!



By Shelby Thom
August 11, 2015

Shelby Thom talks with Drex Live about what happened.

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 CKNW reporter escorted out of Stephen Harper rally in Richmond

Prime Minister Stephen Harper made his first stop in B.C. since the election campaign kicked off Tuesday night in Richmond.

Earlier in the day, he claimed the majority of Canadians agree with his opposition to legalizing marijuana, despite government polling showing otherwise.

After his speech touting his party’s accomplishments,  party supporters were asked by CKNW reporter Shelby Thom if they support legalizing cannabis.

“I think if you’re going to legalize something like that, you’re condoning it, you’re saying it is okay.”

“If you look at Colorado and Seattle, their business has been booming, but other things just haven’t been doing so well.”

“There is already so many people who actually smoke marijuana, and I think legalizing it would just, like, get kids into more trouble.”

Within minutes,  Thom learned the hard way how easy it is to get kicked out of a Tory rally.

Her interviews were cut short, as she was escorted out of the Pacific Gateway Hotel by campaign staffers, advised the rally was over.

It isn’t the first time journalists have run into trouble with Harper’s staffers.

Last week an Ontario reporter claimed she was denied access to a rally because she missed the security protocol window.

Until recently, rally attendees were banned from using social media during Harper’s rallies.

Staffers also screen rally participants ahead of time.

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  1. What? Harper and his crew kicked out a reporter?? IS this really surprising??? Um .. news flash.. this is what the Conservatives have been doing with media for a long time — not answering what they don’t want to…. spinning information etc…
    The fact you just realized this… WOW!
    Why do you think Harper and the conservatives will lose this election? this and soo many other issues … so no real shock there..

    As for the whole cannabis issue — did anyone see the story about Reg Hampton’s son? Looking for some pot, and the dealer sold him something laced with fentanyl. … so you think drugs (including pot) are still safe? jeezes…. when will people learn?? oh right they won’t… all these pot heads claiming its safe… uh huh..

  2. I’ve been a long time federal conservative, but I’ve had enough. The party no longer supports my beliefs. I believe Bill C-51 was the deciding factor, yet one must realize, this is just an expansion of the Liberal bill after 9/11. The fact Harper comes out and says Canadian are not interested in legalizing cannabis is so far fetched, it just confirms to me how the conservatives pockets are laced with Pharma money. My thoughts about cannabis are strictly about medicinal cannabis, not recreational. Evidence has proven Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells.

  3. Ugh, another example of a reporter trying to be THE story. What’s with Vancouver media? They all want to be the star of the show. Shame on Shelby. I see she “favorited” the story of her name trending in Vancouver on twitter. That tells you all you need to know.

  4. From I Claudius “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud Hatch Out” They are hatching out fast and furious and this isn’t a reality game show it’s about Democracy and freedom of speech.

  5. Classic case of wanting the spotlight. Poor Ms. Thom looks desperate for attention. She seems to like being the story rather than reporting on it. Another CKNW’er probably fit for the next round of cuts.

  6. Insider, Hector , Mark add me to the list that thinks the poor little reporter doth protest to much. We all must remember that she works for NW where the producers tell the show host that someone cut them off in traffic on the way to work. That gets thoughly discussed , the host then asks for our opinion via email, facebook or twitter. The next host starts his or her show by playing the clip from the previous show.Breaking news call the listner line and let us know if you have ever been cut off in traffic. Finally Drex comes in and plays all the clips from all the shows. He discusses being cut off in traffic with his producers this discussion gets aired again at about 5:15 am as a preamble to another day of fast paced NW divel.
    Please IK give us a break,
    News reader was telling us about another lethal dose of ….. Only he read it with out pause

    “another LOYAL dose of…..

  7. If Trudeau 2.0 got in, we’d have a virtual replay of the Trudeau dynasty of 1968-84 (which those who lived through it, particularly if they lived in Alberta then, would probably just as soon forget). If Mulcair got in, we’d get a national-level version of what Rachel Notley is doing to Alberta right now or what any provincial NDP government (or their CCF predecessors) have done to their provinces during their times in power – and, if he had a mind to do so, maybe even introduce Obama-style “change”.

    With that said, Shelby Thom, cry us a river. After what I read at the Report 24 site, you don’t get my sympathy.

  8. I was thrown out of a Prime Minister Stephen Harper “photo-op” during the Vancouver Olympics. I left my recording equipment outside the hotel ballroom where the photo-op was and took in my digital camera so I could take a picture for the News1130 website. I was kicked out because “I MIGHT ask a question.” During the entire duration of the Vancouver Games, Harper did not hold one news conference where questions could be asked although he held several photo-ops.

  9. Why should PM Harper defer to the news media….. regardless what he says, does, etc, the media will skewer him anyways… ergo: why bother??……The mainstream media doesn’t even pretend to be unbiased…. they don’t bother with the fig leaf of ‘neutrality’…. Most of the journalists out there today…. would only be recognized by either of Trudeau’s or Mulcair’s personal proctologists…. being up there so far (and long) leaves an imprint on your own visage not to mention a malodorous miasma…..


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