San Francisco & Vancouver Talk Host Art Finley Dead at 88

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    Condolences to family and friends of VANCOUVER/SAN FRANCISCO TV and radio personality ART FINLEY, who died AUGUST 7th of a heart attack while walking back to his home in VANCOUVER, BC at 88, according to the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE/SFGATE.COM.

    FINLEY (born ART FINGER) started his career at KXYZ-A/HOUSTON before serving in WORLD WAR II; he then worked in NEW YORK before hosting children’s shows as “Mayor ART” on KOVR-TV/STOCKTON, CA and KRON-TV/SAN FRANCISCO.  He also produced and hosted public affairs programming for KRON.

  • Arthur Finger, better known as popular television and radio personality Art Finley, before his death. Photo: Photo Contributed By Jeff Finger
  • On radio, FINLEY hosted and anchored at KGO-A and KCBS-A/SAN FRANCISCO, XETRA-A/SAN DIEGO, WNIS-A/NORFOLK, and CKNW-A (1972-73) and CJOR-A/VANCOUVER (1981-86).  He retired in 1995.

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  1. Art spent a year or more in Victoria BC in the mid-1990’s, and attended (with his wife) a number of our Old Broadcasters monthly luncheons. I remember several lively, almost acrimonious discussions with Art when he was a vigorous champion of then-president Bill Clinton, while I was convinced Bubba was leaving a stain on the presidency (among other things). Great storyteller, he had several rib ticklers to share every time he showed up.
    One of classiest and brightest talkers (and most liberal) ever to grace the Vancouver airwaves, Art is fondly remembered and his passing much mourned.

  2. I worked with Art back in the 70’s at CKNW, he had to be one of the sharpest, brightest, most talented, most enthusiastic broadcaster I ever had the pleasure of working with. And on top of all of that…one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet. We had lunch together few years ago. He told me he was renting an apartment in Vancouver. Renting? I said. Why wouldn’t you buy an apartment….to which Art replied..”Who in the Hell would give a mortgage to an 85 year old man!!!” Ha! As Ron said, he’ll be fondly remembered and his passing mourned.

  3. A collection of Art Finley’s audio interviews is available via the UBC library Rare Books and Special Collections, on 41 cassettes and one reel-to-reel tape. Anyone who gets to check this out will hear what a pure broadcast instrument Art had for a voice, and with a very active intellect powering it.

  4. My memory does get hazy, but wasn’t there a bar in downtown Vancouver that bore Finley’s name and which continued long after he departed the local airwaves? That might explain his back-and-forths from the Bay Area.

    In any event, it’s too bad NW or CFAX didn’t snag him for substitute gigs during his extended stays up here. RIP Art.

  5. We did get an email from Mel Cooper former owner of CFAX 1070/KOOL FM Victoria, and before that when Mel worked at CKNW talking about Art’s passing, saying and I quote “I can fill you in on this very bright broadcaster who worked for me when I was at NW.”
    In an email response to Mel, we’ve invited him to share his stories about Art (Finger) Finlay. We look forward to his response which we shall post

  6. I remember Art Finlay well when he was on CJOR600 in the 80’s. I was growing into talk radio listening and found his show informative and entertaining. After CJOR600 changed to then CHRX600 Rock station Mr. Finlay and others at CJOR600 just sort of went away. It was a sad day when CJOR600 changed formats. It’s a sad day to read Art Finlay has passed away.RIP Sir.

  7. My two brothers and I had the pleasure of being on Mayor Art’s show “Toonytown” perhaps in the late 50’s. The studio was somewhere in the South of Market and he met us from a podium as we walked up the stairs. One of us was the “keeper of the keys”, I imitated Art on the swing. Art promised to send me a “Biffle Ball” because they had run out. I never got it- the SOB promised, but blew me off–These are the things we remember. Thanks Art- it was a hard lesson to learn about the world around me.


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