CBC Reporter Kissed by Stranger, RCMP Looking for Him


The Canadian Press 

SQUAMISH: Another television reporter doing a live report received a jarring distraction after a man kissed her on the cheek.

CBC reporter Megan Batchelor was covering a music festival in Squamish on Friday when the incident happened.

She was doing a live hit for the network’s 6 p.m newscast when video the network aired shows the man came up from behind, kissed her on the cheek and took a selfie.

The CBC quotes Batchelor as saying she was rattled by the encounter and felt like the unidentified man was trying to interfere with her ability to do her job.

The CBC is reporting that a complaint has been filed to the RCMP and the network is asking anyone who knows the identity of the man to contact police.

There have been a number of incidents recently where female television reporters have been the subject of abuse from people passing by.

An employee with the Ontario electrical utility Hydro One was let go earlier this year after he shouted crude remarks to a Toronto reporter who works for Citytv.


  1. News networks should stop doing live reports in front of large concert or sporting event crowds. There is usually some drunk clown who decides to assault the reporter physically or with foul language.

  2. As a woman and former reporter, this is a non story. If it were some woman kissing a male reporter we wouldn’t even be talking about it. Women want to be treated as “equals”. Deal with it. It’s one of those “silly” things that comes with being a reporter.

    A peck on the cheek at a music festival…? What a waste of police resources. People are killing lions you know! Oh, are we over that? Then let’s get over this too.

  3. I am surprised a former reporter doesn’t have a problem with this. A complete stranger has no right to run up and kiss another person.

  4. good Gawd. this is frigin idiotic to say the least.
    did you just take a kool aid pill Chris? Your first comment was right on. Then Stupid set in!

  5. Karl,
    Its not stupid to think that people shouldn’t be touched without their permission. Running up on someone’s blindside and kissing them is only acceptable if you are married or dating.

  6. Chris, the fact is if you want to be on TV you’re going to get some unwanted attention. Trust me, there are several perks. This reporter said she was “rattled”? Perhaps her assignment editor should keep her on “fluff stories” where she won’t get “rattled”. (Can it get fluffier than a music festival?)

    I’ll reserve my compassion for reporters covering wars overseas.

  7. The level of arrogance at the CBC has reached no bounds?

    Female CBC reporters and their unhealthy sense of entitlement.

    You’re not that important , CBC female reporter !

    Ditto the men. Suck it up, as well !

  8. Good on her.
    I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want people touching or interfering with me at work!
    A man in Ottawa who went on a ‘kissing spree’ was arrested last year. And this FHRITP trend is getting way out of hand.
    It went too far and she stood up for herself.

  9. I’m glad the guy came forward and apologized. And I don’t blame Megan one bit for taking the action she did. I also can’t believe some of the comments about this discussion.
    I was also there at the Squamish Music Festival that same afternoon for CTV News at 5& 6.. We did a couple of live hits from the same locaton and my colleague, reporter Julie Nolin was also disrupted during her live hit. After that, we decided to relocate to an elevated position overlooking the site to prevent it from happening again. I know that, when planning to go out to live events like this, we are more aware about choosing locations where this won’t be a problem or making sure there is security there as well.
    I know it will never eliminate the problem. but the bottom line is it shouldn’t happen and no one deserves it, whether it’s a ‘silly kiss on the cheek’ during a ‘fluff’ assignment or something more serious. When you’re a reporter out in the field, there is no such thing as a ‘fluff’ assignment. You should be able to do your job professionally and comfortably, without some idiot barging in for whatever reason. Every reporter, male or female, is ‘entitled’ to that
    I’ve dealt with a few knuckleheads over the years either saying or doing something stupid while I’m on location. It doesn’t rattle me, but it dosen’t make it right or funny. It’s lame, pointless, old and makes the disruptor look even more stupid than they are. Sadly, female reporters are more susceptible to these episodes than men are. I have also seen incidents involving female reporters that were far more serious and threatening. So, if it takes Megan filing a complaint or the CIty TV reporter in Toronto standing up to those yahoos at the Toronto FC game earlier this year, all the better. At the very least, it would make anyone think twice before doing something moronic

  10. PS…to those who still think disruptions like this are not a big deal….
    This tweet was just sent out by my colleague Nafeesa Karim…

    Some moron just yelled FHRITP while I was interviewing a man whose 61 yr old family business just burned down. Congratulations, loser.

  11. I agree with the reporter. This moron had no right to do what he did.

    He’s lucky he didn’t try this on a woman with an angry spouse nearby. He may of gone home with a few less teeth.

  12. no, he shouldn’t have done it, and now he recognizes the error of his ways. I too, appreciate the comments of Marke, but perhaps in an odd twisted way, I can see the humour to it, especially being still a teen and in his prime. I believe this has been a good lesson for all, including myself. |
    It brought to mind a few months ago when Global’s Chris Gailus was doing a live cut-in from the waterfront and some idiot who was protesting for the ‘greens’ stood in front of the camera blocking the view of Gailus which they quickly realized the problem was not going to go away, so they went back to the live studio shot. IMO that was far more concerning to me than a reporter getting kissed on the cheek, because this man’s actions were very threatening to say the least. That man should have been charged. Was he? If not, Why Not?

  13. This whole situation shows how some people have lost a sense of respecting others boundaries. These clowns that make grope reporters or make rude comments are so desperate for attention that they don’t think of the consequences of their actions.


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