Tarzan Dan & KOOL FM Calgary Part Ways…


The Show has come to an End!

Puget Sound Radio heard ‘Tarzan Dan‘ (Freeman) had mentioned on his LinkedIn and Facebook page  he and 101.5 KOOL FM in Calgary have parted company. We did chat with Dan earlier, and he tells us he’s looking for that next gig. Dan is one of the long time survivors of the industry and no doubt he will soon resurface again soon…. What about a return to Kelowna Dan?

We’ve asked Dan to keep us posted.


  1. Tarzan Dan seems to be bouncing around from place to place recently. He has hosted radio shows in Victoria, Vancouver and Calgary the last five years.

  2. Dan is a good guy. Works hard. He’ll land on his feet, and if it’s not in radio, it will be in photography. He’s very good at what he does! Good luck, my friend!

  3. Sorry to see Dan has ended his shift at KOOL FM, but knowing him I’m sure he’s had one of the best contracts around when it comes to dealing with the big boys, after all Dan has worked Central Canada and they have worked him., It appears the Pattison Group wasn’t prepared to pay the big bucks any longer. Bob’s correct about Dan’s photography. It’s Awesome!
    Good Luck Dan!

  4. Funny that Kelowna is mentioned, since when Tarzan worked at Sun Fm, he truly was one of the most popular morning talents, ever, in this town. The current morning crews are all pretty boring and Tarzan Dan would make the Kelowna airwaves, exciting again !

  5. seems JPBG cleaned house in Calgary as Blake Ransom is out as morning host on PEAK 953 CHPK. Nothing on a replacement. Ratings a factor I’m guessing??

  6. Dan is talented and expensive. Radio ain’t (*because it can’t) gonna pay – if you make good bucks, you have a target on your back – good luck to Dan.

  7. Im so disappointed by this and his replacement is quite possibly the most boring person I have ever listened to in my entire life. I gave it a week and have now decided I will be switching radio stations, hopefully Michelle will follow suit and I will be able to listen to her on another radio station one day but Dryden is horrid

  8. I have to agree with Jessica…not sure why Dan left and honestly as a listener don’t really care. What I do know is that there is not a lot of personality with his replacement. I also am considering a switch, at least in the morning. Good luck in whatever you do

  9. EXTREMELY disapointed by this. I don’t think I’ll be listening Kool anymore in the morning. The replacement is terrible. Michelle and the new dan have absolutely to chemistry. Very dissapointing.

  10. Dryden is just awful (personality of a dish rag). Tarzan Dan was funny and made the drive to work much better. I’ve since switched to 98.5.

  11. I agree. Dryden is soooo boring. I can’t listen to his boring and monotone voice in the mornings. Not the right person for the job. I am going to a new station as well.

  12. I not sure which way they are heading. Tarzan Dan made the show, made my morning drive! The new Dan, about as exciting as going to the dentist. Good thing Michelle is still there, for now. Have changed radio stations!!


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