Pepper & Dylan Return to 91.7 The Bounce!


Tuesday it was announced ‘The Pepper and Dylan Show’ is not only returning to Edmonton radio, but to ‘The Bounce’

From Pepper Dylan Facebook page

Not only is the show returning but we are returning to 91.7 The Bounce, the radio station that first took a chance on our show in 2006.

Our industry has changed a great deal since that first day we walked into the Bounce studio.

But, what hasn’t changed is our belief that you are an audience who knows what you want, knows what you don’t want and knows what you aren’t getting enough of.

Now that we have been blessed with an opportunity to do it again, we are going to give you what you aren’t getting elsewhere.

You can stream your favourite songs. There are a dozen apps for road reports. And you can read celebrity gossip on your phone.

You deserve better from your radio show.

The Pepper and Dylan Show won’t be “the most music in the morning”. It won’t be “your source for hollywood gossip”.

It will be a show.

On Tuesday, September 8th, The Pepper & Dylan Show returns. This time, we’re doing it with no concessions, no apologies and no fear. We’re doing it the way you want.

Because that’s what you deserve.

And we can’t wait.

Love ya!

Join us in wishing Dylan a very happy birthday!!!! We love ya!!


Team Bounce – New Fall Lineup!



91.7 The Bounce is very excited to announce that The Mike Chalut Show will be joining forces with Edmonton’s Heritage Radio Duo – Pepper and Dylan starting September 8th 2015.

Pepper and Dylan will kick off your morning from 5:30 am – 10 am, followed by Liann Cameron. The Mike Chalut Show will bring you home and keep the party going all day long in their new time slot 2pm – 7pm, and DJ Mike Thomas will still be spinning the 5 O’clock Traffic Jam! Don’t forget Tyler Jordan, Miss Kyle, and Princess Zyiah will deliver non stop smiles for yo


  1. Just wondering how long this deal was in the works? Did the morning duo have a non-compete after the departure from Virgin?

  2. Ooops! sorry Dylan…. I had indeed headed this thread ‘Pepper & Tanner’ when I posted late last night, which by the way has now been corrected
    Just to add, this has been one of my worst nightmares when P&D first came on the scene 10 years ago. I thought of the jingle group Pepper/Tanner. Well, now I’ve fulfilled that nightmare dream. ugh!
    but guess what, I even survived 😉

  3. Someone please explain to me how this is a good hire!
    Ratings at Virgin were not good. And with 5 stations playing very similar
    music, so many going after such a small piece of pie makes no sense.


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