Victoria Disc Jockey asks listeners about including Chemtrails in weather forecasts?

The Q gets into Chemtrails
The familiar X and O over the sky of Edmonton

The Q Facebook PAGE

from the capital city of Victoria, The ‘Q’s’ afternoon disc jockey Ryan Awram  went to social media asking the question, should the ‘Q’ include in their weather forecasts, sunny with clouds, or sunny with ‘chemtrails’?

Question: should a Q! weather forcast include mention of chemtrails? I’m asking for a listener who feels it’s misleading to simply mention “sun & clouds” while not indicating “sun & chemtrails”.

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Facebook PAGE

taken just north of Orange Bridge in Parksville June 16th, 2015
(Michael Easton)

Lots of reaction about exposing this reality in our sky. Even former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm shouted this from the rooftops in Delta and beyond about this invasion in our sky. Bill filed for FOI from both provincial and federal governments about Geo Engineering in our sky over British Columbia, specifically the lower mainland.

The only Mainstream Media who dared to expose this story by interviewing our former premier was Drex at CKNW.  HERE

Other than that, the only newspaper was David Chesney‘s White Rock Sun. Our friend over at the Talk Digital Network, Jim Goddard of the Goddard Report has also provided excellent coverage. We can only say its nice to see more and more people becoming aware, I admire  the courage the Q has taken in presenting the question to their audience.  The elephant in the room has finally been acknowledged. As Bill Vander Zalm so simply said in his interview with Drex, “what goes up, must come down.” And down upon us comes high levels of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium just to name a few of the chemicals which falls into our water, our soil and the very air we breath. What is this doing to our health?

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  1. Kudos to the Q! Newspapers in Eastern Canada are reporting it, so yes. I’ve heard one station do it as a bulletin. Geoengineering of our sky is obvious now as it’s almost daily across Canada and around the world. Just do a twitter search of #OpChemtrails, or do your own due diligence and use google for a patent search or get most of the info right here.

  2. well its about bloody time someone stood up to the plate and bit the bullet. Good on Ryan Awram at the Q in Victoria. No doubt he would have run it by management before he tossed out the question. I tell you one thing, Victoria is indeed buzzing today about this invasion of our sky. I would hope CHEK and CTV Vancouver Island and the Times Colonist would pick up on the story. Dare they???

  3. The question should not only be easy, but logical. The reality is the chemtrails are manipulating the weather, therefore include them in your weather forecasts. Now is the time Ed Bain can also come clean after all these years of ignoring them. People like Mark Madyrga and other meteorologists are well aware of the trails in the sky. You’d have to be an idiot, or an outright liar not see them on the screens the way the trails are embeded in the jetstream. I have no doubt our entire global weather is now being manipulated, and not in a good way. The potential and I believe there’s already evidence ‘Weather Wars’ is happening. God help us.

  4. How fitting or prophetic with that pic of a Qnull in the sky, and now its the only media in Victoria actually talking about Geo Engineering. The Q and Mr. Awram are to be commended for finally bringing this forward. Now is the time to address our politicians and demand answers.

  5. I’m very grateful to former Premier Bill Vander Zalm and Puget Sound Radio’s Michael Easton for their persistence in asking all the logical questions about these so-called ‘persistent contrails’, popularly called chemtrails. They are some of the rare leaders in this province who seem to care. God bless us all in this terrible time of human history….Gregory Paul Michael Hartnell

  6. If any radio, television or newspapers are actually calling or referring to the geo engineering streaks in the sky as clouds, then God help us from the media who are obviously manipulated, and that includes the Q, if you have to ask such a stupid question in the first place. After reading the comments from the stations facebook page, I am so thankful to see many many more people are becoming aware of the devious and deceptive ways of media today.

  7. Four years later, and this is still online,which is good; however, so very few comments have been posted here, it is surprising; meanwhile, the spraying intensifies by the day, the weather is getting out of hand, worldwide, while the official narrative denies anything is happening.

    People such as Dane Wigington keep on informing us, keeping us up to date, while groups such as Weather Manipulation History and Weather Wars International keep recording in undeniable fashion, with newspaper articles and government documents dating back over a century.

    In late 2015, in Paris, France, the UN held a global summit on climate change, but air plane pollution was not allowed to be discussed at all; even Elizabeth May said on national radio that she felt that to have been the biggest failing of the summit, onto which every country signed shortly thereafter, and the weather woes have multiplied no end since.

    God help us all!


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