Drex/CKNW/Chemtrails! guest former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm


Recently Drex manned the phones for Sean Leslie on CKNW News Talk 980.  In this interview Drex talks with former British Columbia premier Bill Vander Zalm about the  FOI file he received from the federal government with regards to the chemtrail/GeoEngineering program being conducted over our heads.

To listen to the Bill Vander Zalm Interview with Drex, click on the following link and enter May 31st, click on 4PM HERE


Related Story on Puget Sound Radio: https://www.pugetsoundradio.com/2014/05/22/vander-zalm-sought-got-foi-chemtrails/

One of the best presentations to date about this horror story in our skies is by Solar Energy Expert Dane Wigington from California.
This excellent presentation runs just over an hour, but will explain what geoengineering is all about. You won’t like any of it.

Weather Wars in Action! Incredible





  1. It was interesting to hear from KAL, aka Peter Vogel, and not only his opposition to you having the balls to go with this story, but threatening to stop listening to CKNW. Wow. Here’s hoping the man will take the time to open his eyes and look up in the sky sometime. I thank you Drex for taking the time to cover the story ‘no one wants to talk about’. Chemtrails, aka GeoEngineering (Google it!) Isn’t it amazing how many people are so upset about ‘any’ coverage on this subject?


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