Is L.A. Station A Voltair “Miracle?”



June 10, 2015

In his latest blog post, researcher Richard Harker asks, “What are the chances of a station increasing share by 69% in four months? Pretty small. Right?” But he notes that’s just what happened to KTWV (The Wave)/Los Angeles, which Harker reports posted a 4.4 share in May — its highest ratings since PPM was deployed in the market — and catapulted from 20th to 5th in the market in just 4 months.

While no one is confirming it, Harker suspects the Telos Alliance/25-Seven Systems Voltair unit could have something to do with the sudden ratings leap.

“How many more miraculous success stories are we going to hear before somebody admits there’s a problem with PPM?” he asks.

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Meanwhile, Telos Alliance has just posted a list of FAQ’s on their website addressing a number of questions that they’ve been getting about Voltair. While the company does not confirm who is using the unit, they do confirm that more than 500 have been sold and reports, “They are on the air in every PPM market.”

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